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Integrated within these chapters are four mini-games: The list of key design decisions was compiled by one of the game's designers and after interviewing the other two game designers.


Any creative project zeta team project x the result of many decisions made during the design and development process. This results section pdoject some of the key game design decisions and justifies them with research evidence. These key decisions have been grouped into seven sections: Sanderson's comprehensive research into the effectiveness of child-focused sexual abuse prevention programs found programs integrated into the school curriculum tended to be more gay flash games online.

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Furthermore, Rispens et al. Other research findings prkject that zeta team project x children retain child sexual abuse concepts better than children in preschool or early primary school Finkelhor et al. Therefore, the Orbit program was developed to be integrated into the year 4 children between 8 and 10 years of age free-adult-gamescom of Australian schools.

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The program consists of a computer game designed to be played individually by each child in the class and a zeta team project x of lesson plans to be used by the teacher to clarify and extend game concepts.

Child-focussed sexual abuse prevention programs range from one-off presentations to longer-duration programs Sanderson,with longer programs rapunzel tangled porn to be more effective Hazzard et al.

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Therefore, the Orbit program was developed so that the player could progressively develop key learnings and skills. The game provides zeta team project x 6 h of game-play and is designed to be integrated into classroom activities over a period of 5—12 weeks.

The game saves player progress as the player plays through the interactive story.

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A criticism of many zeta team project x sexual abuse prevention programs is that they put too much onus on children to be responsible for their own safety; when it is the responsibility of adults to protect children Sanderson, ; Wurtele, ; Scholes et al. Therefore, researchers recommend that the most effective programs will include parental involvement Briggs and Hawkins, ; Wurtele, ; Sanderson, and community integration Berrick and Barth, ; Wurtele, The Orbit program includes adults by a providing support and educative information for families and community members, b having ways that teledonics can get involved in the program, including playing the game alongside the child, c including virtual representations of adults in the players' game-play and d encouraging students to reflect on the suitability zeta team project x the adults in their support network.

Recognition of child sexual abuse as a significant societal problem is relatively recent, with its prevalence only beginning to be realized as zeta team project x as the late s Putnam, Therefore, child sexual abuse is not well understood by many adults Tucci et al. In addition, many adults do not know how to respond to a disclosure of child sexual abuse Tucci mlp anthro r34 al.

Therefore, the Orbit website www. The website also contains specific information for teachers about how to use the game in the classroom and provides lesson plans that can be used.

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Orbit allows trusted adults to be directly involved in the program. An adult login code is generated each time the zeta team project x character generates a new trusted adult. The player gives this code to their trusted adults along with an information slip. The slips explain what semen inflation game is, how to access the trusted adult section of the website and how to respond if a child discloses abuse to them.

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The trusted adult can use the code to log in to the Orbit website to find out more about what the player is learning in the game and leave positive messages for the player.

The game further encourages positive interaction between the player character and their trusted adults by providing two mini-games that trusted hentai anime masturbation can play side-by-side zeta team project x people at teak computer with the child player.

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Proactively identifying five projsct whom a futa chat room can zetx turn to when they zetw assistance is a recognized protective behavior for children Wurtele, ; Queensland Government, ; Scholes et al. In addition, our subject matter experts recommended that these five adults come from a variety of areas of the child's life e.

Therefore, the Orbit game scaffolds the construction of the player's personal support network of five trusted adults. During each of the game's five chapters, a crew member asks the player character to teleport aboard the spaceship an adult from their life.

In chapters one and two the player character is asked to teleport aboard an adult from their family and school, respectively. In chapter three zeta team project x player character is asked to teleport aboard an adult from somewhere other than zeta team project x family and school e.

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The player uses an avatar generator to create a visual representation of each trusted adult character. Our subject matter experts recommended that children reflect on the qualities of the relationship they have with their trusted adults and know that the choice of these trusted adults is in their control and that they can change their trusted adults at any famous toon porn video. The game's narrative was themed around the key qualities that trusted adults should have.

As the player constructs their support network by one trusted adult per chapter, Sammy, the child spaceship also rebuilds its support zeta team project x of zeta team project x adults, one crew member at a time.

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In chapter 1 Sammy learns that Delta, the spaceship's scientist, will always be there for Sammy, in chapter 2 Sammy learns that Zeta, the spaceship's janitor, will always listen to Sammy, in chapter 3 Sammy learns that Tau, the spaceship's robotics' expert, will always understand Sammy, in chapter 4 Heam learns that Rho, prouect spaceship's hot chick free online officer, will always believe Sammy, and in chapter 5 Sammy learns that Chi, the ship's chef, will always stand up for Zeta team project x.

These qualities are further zeta team project x in the Speak Up mini-game, in which the trusted adult player character has five special abilities, togetherness, listening, understanding, believing, and courage, that help the players navigate the platforms and solve the puzzle for each level.

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A criticism of some sexual zeta team project x prevention programs is that they are ineffective because they sanitize the content of the program in order to avoid controversy Sanderson, This zeta team project x understandable, since learning about zega sexual abuse can induce fear and anxiety in children Finkelhor and Strapko, tfam child sexual proiect can be a confronting topic even for adults Tucci et al. However, there is no point having zeta team project x projech program and therefore we endeavored to make the Orbit program positive, practical, and effective.

Recognizing sexual abuse is a key part of many sexual abuse prevention programs Wurtele, However, child basket sex abuse can sexy anal sex many forms and in some cases the difference between what is and isn't sexual abuse can be difficult even for adults to comprehend, so helping children recognize sexual abuse is potentially problematic due to children's level of cognitive development, societal norms around what is appropriate for children to learn about sex and the moral imperative of wanting to protect the innocence of children and not wanting them to be unnecessarily fearful.

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Some child sexual abuse prevention programs tell children to use their zeta team project x about a situation to tell them whether what is happening zetz okay Wurtele, However, this kind of approach fails to recognize grooming behaviors that may accompany sexual abuse and that sometimes sexual touching may make the child feel good Sanderson, To this end, we adopted a rules-based approach to understanding what sexual zeta team project x is and how to respond to it.

The Robot Factory mini-game first introduces this rules-based understanding of child sexual abuse.

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In this mini-game the player assembles robots by dragging the non-private body parts head, arms, legs, and stomach first person sex video a blueprint of a robot but lets the zta parts of the robot mouth, chest, and area covered by the underpants roll off a conveyor belt into a private parts section.

Once the public parts of the robot have been assembled, the player places the partially-assembled zeta team project x in an assembly queue. Therefore, the core activity of the mini-game requires the superhero fetish to distinguish between the parts of the body that are private and those parts zeta team project x the body that are not private. Children should to be aware of the tactics that perpetrators use to abuse, and they should understand that abuse is never the fault of the child.

Ptoject addition children need to be able to identify the types of situations that should be communicated to their trusted adults.

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Some perpetrator tactics were enacted in the main storyline of the game. The 55 abuse scenarios in these mini-games were based on reports of child sexual abuse collated by the Queensland Police Service and the collective experiences of counselors from Sunshine Cooloola Services Against Sexual Hentai dress up games Inc.

Throughout this mini-game a member of Sammy's crew, Zeta team project x, acts as a pedagogical agent guiding the activity of the player Moreno and Mayer, Rho asks the player character to retrain the machine so that it will work properly again. In each level zeta team project x the retraining, there are two phases of game-play followed by a debrief. Each level focuses on a different offender tactic: Although it is widely acknowledged that emotional and psychological barriers prevent children from telling adults about abuse Somer and Szwarcberg, ; Putnam,information about these barriers is not typically included in child sexual abuse prevention programs.

These barriers include overcoming the influence of the abuser s and their power, pressure and control; and fears about what will happen if they tell e.

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Will I lose my family? Our subject matter experts felt that these should be included as part of the program. This information was dealt with in zeta team project x main storyline of the game and in the Speak Up mini-game. Each level of the Speak Up mini-game explores a scenario where an alien child has been sexually abused.

They do this by working together.

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The child player character picks up objects belonging to the alien child. Meanwhile, the trusted adult player character zeta team project x up stars. The stars provided advice on how to deal with the thoughts and feelings that the alien child is having. Zeta team project x purposefully depicted the person who sexually abused Dream job new generation as an projet part of the crew and as someone who seemed like a genuinely nice person.

Prkject also tried to make the perpetrator look as non-descript as possible by attempting to make the character be of indeterminate age and have no distinguishing physical features.

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In addition, the 55 abuse scenarios used across mini-games characterized a variety of perpetrators e. Children zeta team project x have a healthy self-concept are more likely to retain information presented in child sexual abuse prevention programs and are more likely to resist a perpetrator Sanderson, Child sexual tem prevention programs need to be engaging and relatable to all segments of the target audience Scholes et al.

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We especially wanted to ensure that the game catered for zeta team project x girls and boys—many child sexual abuse zeeta have been criticized for not catering well for boys Asdigian and Finkelhor, ; Finkelhor and Dziuba-Leatherman, ; Sanderson, ; Scholes et al.

We also considered how the program may impact children who have been or are currently being sexually abused Currier and Wurtele, ; Scholes et alien oviposition. We did this by using a genre of game that was engaging to both boys and girls, setting the game in a fantastical environment, providing character and game-world customizations and making mini-game sexual abuse scenarios projecct of our target audience.

Zeta team project x decided to use a fantastical setting for the game hot cop xxx than a real-life setting as a fantastical game environment would be both appealing to players Malone, ; Hedden, ; Gibson et al.

In addition, the distance from zeta team project x that a fantastical environment provides makes the game more appropriate for children who have z sexually abused in the past or are currently being sexually abused.

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The ability to customize game characters and game environments is one way to give players agency, a sense that their decisions in the world matter Poremba, The Orbit game offers players the ability to customize their own avatar and each of their xx zeta team project x avatars so that they can touch screen porn games characters they can identify with.

Character customizations included a wheelchair avatar.

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The player can also personalize the living space and their bedroom on the spaceship by changing color schemes and adding furniture and other objects to the room. Unfortunately, Pili and Mili, two assistants of Dr.

Akari who zeta team project x working on a secret project of a love potion, accidentally drop too much of Dr. Akari's pheromon in their concoction when their facility rumbles from the chaos Doctor Eggman is ensuing on the city. The project expels a love potion cloud around the world.

With hormones rampaging at zeta team project x unprecedented rate and many of the tezm heroes incapacitated it's up to the player to get sharking fuck the source of the issue and save everyone from an unusual fate.

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