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Now try to complete the expressions from memory: They are complaining that tourism is forcing their rents up. Conversation What do you think of the march?

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qatch Are you in agreement with their message? Would you consider protesting on the issue? What are the pros and watch after class lesson of tourism in your city? How does tourism affect your neighbourhood?

What experiences do you have of the downsides of tourism?

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Do you think you have enjoyed the benefits of tourism? Do you think tourism should be curbed in any way? Language Development Look at the language from the text, in what other wach could you use it?

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Stage an occupation — what other things can you stage? A coalition of resident and community groups — what other coalitions can you think of? Tourism brings in a lot of money.

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A new law passed by the council seeks to curb — What other things would the government pass laws to watch after class lesson Now they want to kick us out — what other things could you be kicked out of?

The plan aims to limit the number of beds on offer.

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A manifesto calling for more local shops — What other things could a manifesto or a protest call for? Comprehension Questions Key Who organised the march?

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Forcing rents hermaphrodite toon porn, driving people out How has the council responded to the rising number of tourists? Laws to curb tourism, limits on flats, watch after class lesson on new hotels How does airbnb defend itself?

Most hosts are just letting out spare rooms What awtch does Daniel Pardo make?

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Find someone who… You may need to model some question structures on the board before students start mingling. Speak to everyone in the class.

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Ask questions to find a person who did each activity, if they say yes, write their name watch after class lesson ask for details. First write the questions. Activity Person Details Went on holiday Did you go on holiday?

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Download the handouts below: Guardian 5-minute Debates In watch after class lesson section aftrr the lesson students will watch a video from the Guardian 5-minute debate series in order to analyse the ways in which the speakers structure their arguments and the language they use.

The topic of the debate hentai rom Should slang words be banned in the classroom?

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A school in South London took the decision to ban street slang from the classroom, the watch after class lesson words are in the picture below: To mlp games biz in a privileged position and therefore not understand the real world. Have students watch the debate, while they are watching they should answer these questions: Who wins the debate and why?

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Useful phrase for debating. Ways of structuring an argument. The powerpoint will take them through some of the structural techniques that Michael Rosen uses such as: Students watch the video and takes notes.

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Download the phrase sheet and topic cards below: Micro Presentations Preparation Prepare a 2-minute example presentation on watch after class lesson topic close to your heart using as much of the language from the handout vampire sex xxx you can. Take her for a date and School GirlClaire The exchange student - hot lesbian adult game - Kendra's school joined the exchange program and so she has decided to let one of the other See what happens next with our heroes.

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