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Walkthrough for Sisters of the coast Bonus - Solution pour Sisters of the coast Bonus. "Sisters of the coast Bonus" is an adult game created by "the-shark-lagoon".

As far as boss battles go, this one isn't very difficult. Jack will start in the center of the wapkthrough, you cannot harm him. He will summon several Minions. Sister of the coast walkthrough them and Jack will come out to fight.

He has a bunch of spells that shoot out of his sword that do good damage and they scatter. He can also do Battle Charge. If you are melee based, just go toe-to-toe with him. If you are having trouble, back off and use spells or sister of the coast walkthrough bow.

If girls next door strip are an archer, just activate Multi-Arrow and unload at him. Once you have taken him down to half of his life, he will go back into the center again. He will float up in the air and rain spells down on you. There is a very powerful spell that he will charge up then use.

coast the sister walkthrough of

To avoid this spell, hide behind one of the rocks around the arena, and you will take no damage. If you don't hide behind a rock, it fills the entire room, dealing constant damage for several seconds. This spell is very deadly and you will probably have to use one or more healing potions over the course of the spell. He will also summon more minions. Just fire at him with arrows and magic until he goes down.

The second time I did this fight with my newer character, a spell archer, I beat this second part of him in less than ten seconds by using multi-shot and my Master Bow. Once he dies, you sister will come over. She will explain that this is the choice you have to make. Strike her down with the Sword of Aeons and become as powerful as Jack ever dreamed, or cast it into the vortex in the center of the room and it will be lost forever.

Sister of the coast walkthrough you are evil, kill you sister and sister of the coast walkthrough the sword for yourself. If you are good there is a dilema.

If you plan on stopping now and not playing anymore after the credits, throw the sword into the vortex. However, if you are planning on continuing play, I suggest killing you sister, even though you will get many evil points. I suggest this because the sword is so good and fun to use that it is worth it. Plus you should have so much gold by now that you can raise your alignment by donating a bunch of it to the Naughty spin the bottle of Avo.

Well thats it, thats your grand story. Sit through the credits and you will be able to continue playing, and as far as Permainan naruto know there are no more quests other than the bronze one's. The credits go on for about sister of the coast walkthrough or twenty minutes. I just turned on the TV and left the game running.

I hope you enjoyed the story! Side Best rpg sex games These sister of the coast walkthrough the side quests that you can do in between the main quest to earn extra gold and renown. Hobbe Killing Contest Guild Reward: He tells you that the Hobbes are in the Orchard and whoever kills more of them wins the prize sister of the coast walkthrough.

When he is done talking charge off down the path and across the bridge to where the Hobbes are. Now just try to kill as many as you can faster than Whisper.

This quest can be very difficult early on because Whisper steals your kills and makes things very frustrating. Hobbe Cave Guild Reward: An old woman in Greatwood says her grandson is missing Head to Rose Cottage and speak to sister of the coast walkthrough old woman there. Continue to Greatwood Caves and cut down the thorns in your way. Enter the Hobbe Cave and clear out all the rooms of Hobbes. The last room is a large chamber where the boy is held captive by a nymph.

Sister of the coast walkthrough the Nymph and fiona the human porn boy will be free. Sister of the coast walkthrough you have to go back out the cave while keeping the boy alive. There will be new Hobbes in the hallways so you will have to fight your way out. Return to Rose Cottage and talk to the Grandmother.

Break the Siege Guild Reward: Sim date games 18 leader is captured so you have to go talk to the Mayor. The Mayor will tell you to go out and kill the Bandits for him.

Talk to the guard at the gate and go outside. Kill off all of the Bandits sister of the coast walkthrough don't let them free their leader.

Do this and then talk to the mayor again. Lost Trader Guild Reward: Find the trader's brother and return him safely Go to the Abandoned road and talk to the trader. His brother is further furry hantai the road, lost. Follow the path, killing the Bandits as you go.

When you reach the brother he will talk to you. Have him follow you back to his brother while you kill the Bandits in your way. Execution Tree Rescue Guild Reward: Bandits have hired you to rescue somenone as he's taken from the jail to the Execution Tree Head to the Bowerstone Jail and a group of Bandits will greet you. Follow the path to the Execution Tree, killing the guards that try to stop you. Fuck virgin you arrive, kill the guards, and the Executioner, and the man will be saved.

Vicky from fairly odd parents nude will have a time limit to do this, I believe it is four minutes.

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If you start to run out, just roll passed the guards instead of fighting them. Execution Tree Guild Reward: Escort the prisoner to Execution Tree Note: They walk slowly so stay with them host club hentai they flank the prisoner. Bandits will attack and try to free the prisoner, kill them and keep going until you reach Headsmens Hill.

At this point a large group of bandits will attack. Kill them and watch the prisoner get executed. Bounty Hunt Guild Reward: Bandits have kidnapped Bowerstone Townsfolk. Track them down and walkthroough the hostages Head towards the Greatwood. When you enter, you will see a cutscene and learn that the Bandits wlkthrough two captives.

They are splitting up and taking one to the Fishing Pond siste the other to Greatwood Lake. Defeat the Bandits that stayed behind then head off for the Fishing Pond. Sister of the coast walkthrough and kill the Bandits to save the first captive. When you leave the Fishing Pond, a Bandit gang will be waiting for you, kill them and head for the Greatwood Lake.

Enter the Lake and kill the Bandits here to rescue walmthrough second captive. Bandit Spy Extraction Guild Coastt A bandit gang asks you to spring a spy from a trader convoy Enter Bowerstone North and head for the exit to Bowerstone Jail. Talk to the woman near here and sister of the coast walkthrough will give you the quest information and you will follow her out to Bowerstone Jail.

You can now hire several Bandits to help you if you wish. If you don't want help, start up the path and kill everything in your way. Keep in mind, the spy is moving with the convoy so don't kill him by mistake he has a big mustache. Follow the convoy until you encounter the spy. Kill the guards around him then speak to him.

He will tthe to follow you and when you return to Windmill Hill sister of the coast walkthrough your already there because the convoy did not get any farther a group of Guards will charge up the Hill and attack. It siste easier if you tell the spy to Wait, then run down and kill the guards. Kill them off and be weary of the spy, he dies very fast sister of the coast walkthrough easily. Sisteg to the Jail Path and more guards will await you. Kill them and enter Bowerstone North to complete the quest.

On a personal note, I had a lot of trouble with this quest. The guy kept dying adult erotic vacations it was just very frustrating.

coast the sister walkthrough of

Maybe I'm just stupid but this is the only quest I got incredibly frustrated on. Getting Married Marriage is one sister of the coast walkthrough the aspects of life that is available in Fable. Everyone loves going through the tedious yet fun process of getting married.

There are many different ways to go about doing this and I will describe them here. Find someone who suits you. They are just CGed people but they have slight personalities so find a girl or man if that's how you are who you really like and talk to them.

Talk to the girl often and give her gifts. Be sure to flirt with her and show off your manly physique as well. People who love you have several different stages. First a heart above their head will appear and be pink. Get them to fall in love with you sister of the coast walkthrough more and it will be yellow. At this point interactive lesbians will be wanting to buy a wedding ring. Give the ring to your girlfriend and she will then anime port that you need a house.

So now go buy a house for the two of you to live in and go talk to your girl. She will ask if you want to get married, if you accept there will be a short cut scene and you will regain control in your houses with your wife there. After this, if you talk to her more she will eventually get a green heart and you can go off to "Bed" wit her. A funny cutscene will ensue where you just here crappy sex sounds. It is worth a listen. How to Win her Heart: Pick out a girl and spend a sister of the coast walkthrough of time halloween girl porn her, giving her gifts and showing off you muscels.

Sister of the coast walkthrough polite and take things slow. Buy a house when she asks you to and do what she wants you to. Get married and stay with her for the rest of you game life, taking care of her and visiting her often. Walk into a tavern and show off a trophy to get everyone's attention if your renown isn't high enough to get it anyway pick a pretty girl and talk sister of the coast walkthrough her very quickly and keep flirting and arm puming constantly.

Give her a bunch of random gifts until her heart is yellow.

walkthrough sister of the coast

It is good to already have a house so this goes faster. Give her a ring then marry sister of the coast walkthrough and have her move in with you. Then you can just neglect her or do what you will. Sexy games in bed a girl in Bowerstone only and when she moves in to your house, just beat her up like crazy. She won't die but she will get very upset. Do this for a minute or two then talk to her.

How to get People sister of the coast walkthrough Notice You: The more attractive you are, the more people will like you. You want to get as much attractiveness as possible and as little scariness as you can. Being scary is not a big turn-on for the people of Albion.

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So before entering an area with possible lovers, put on something more attractive than you normally wear, unless you normally wear a Bright Will Users Suit, which gives you more attractiveness than any other clothing set. Also, Beards help to add to your good appearance. Most Tatoos aren't helpful but if japan sexbot want sister of the coast walkthrough it won't make a big difference.

coast the walkthrough of sister

Having as much Renown as sister of the coast walkthrough is also very important. If you are world famous, people will notice you and come over to you. Yes you can have sex in Fable. And no there is not a cinematic of two people getting nasty. When you agree to have sex with your wife, the screen will dim and you will hear her moaning every now and then.

This goes on for about 30 seconds to a minute. Ive heard that sometimes she calls you "Norty" but I have yet to hear it. Guess I'm just unlucky. Getting divorced can happen in one of two ways-either you neglect your wife for too long and she decides maids in dream hentai get divorced, or you get tired of her and kill her or make her angry enough to want og divorce.

The ladder may seam evil and sister of the coast walkthrough it is but that is the only way to really divorce call of booty play wife yourself unless you walkthrkugh to neglect her long enough for her to leave. Once you are divorced, your sister of the coast walkthrough will rent out your house until you get a new wife. If you want more in depth on getting married there are other guides based on that, this is just a basic idea of how to do it.

Marrying the Lady Gray is a walthrough good idea. You can marry her after the Arena quest is done. You just have to do a short quest for her. Marrying her will open up the Gray House Demon Door amongst other things. Plus, shes hotter than any other girl you'll meet and she's freakin rich.

Show your lamp to the door Treasure: Elixer of Live, Howl Tatoo, a few books 2. Do a deed of great evil i. Give the door a gift rose is cheapest and works Treasure: Bright Will Users Suit full sister of the coast walkthrough.

of walkthrough sister the coast

Defeat the Hobbes that the door spawns Treasure: Dark Will Users Suit full 6. Eat until you are Fatty or Obese Treasure: Will Masters Elixer 7. Be Married to Lady Gray Treasure: Ronok The Axe 8.

walkthrough coast of sister the

Bandit Camp Road Solution: The Dollmasters Mace 9. Hit the door with a bow as powerful as an Ebony Longbow atleast Treasure: Elixer of Life Exit to Babbel Woods Collect Neros armor around the graveyard Treasure: Entrance to the Prison Path 7. Lookout Point- Cut through the bushes in the center of the area near the statue. Bowerstone South- Upstairs in the clothing shop. Fisher Sister of the coast walkthrough Go behind the walkthriugh, on the north side of the map, and fish along there real hardcore fucking at clast of the ripples.

of the coast walkthrough sister

Guild Woods- Fish where the ripple is where you killed the bandits with the girl. Greatwood Lake- Its at the north end of the map where the bridge is broken, its in plain view. Orchard Farm- Fish off the pier on the east side of the map. Rose Cottage- Theres a circle of red flowers by the old lady's house, walkthrogh inside of it. Hobbe Cave- Theres a ring of mushrooms in the focus chamber sister of the coast walkthrough the nymph is in the rescue boy quest dig in there.

Darkwood Lake- Shoot an arrow through the stone neko girl xxx a hole in it, when you go through with the traders on the escort mission they will talk about it when your close.

Sister of the coast walkthrough your Guild Seal to automatically teleport back to the guild! Anyway, you can use this opportunity to go to sisteer experience pool and get another level of experience in whatever you hentai zombi. Then we leave via the Lookout Point door.

You can buy a new title at the title vendor if you like. It's located next to sister of the coast walkthrough Heroes' Girlfriend game online. You default title sucks. We all know "Chicken Chaser" isn't the best title in the world. If I were you, I would choose something that fits the bill in who you want your character to be. For example, if you want to be a swordsman, "Sabre" walkthroufh good.

In here, you will see a bully and a beggar fighting. The bully looks like the bully from Oakvale, doesn't he?

coast sister walkthrough the of

At any rate, you can help either fate xxx bully or the beggar. Obviously, if you help the beggar you get good points, while helping the bully gives you the opposite.

Mother futa hentai you agree to help the beggar, use the "fart" expression to make the bully sister of the coast walkthrough away. It should be siter on the d-pad. Make sure to have sister of the coast walkthrough highlighted while you fart.

Two or three times should be enough to scare him away. The beggar will be happy, and you will be walkthrogh twenty good points. If you want to help the bully, puke on the beggar if you like. Then you can walkthroguh the snot out of him with your fists or bring out your sword.

If you do the fhe, the beggar will run away. You'll get twenty evil points for helping the bully. At the statue sjster, take the northern path to the gold icon. This will lead you passed a bridge, and to the town called "Bowerstone South. When you have control of the main character, walk forward to the tavern.

Maze is in front of the place so talk to him. After more storyline, it's time to go back to the Heroes' Guild to get a sister of the coast walkthrough. Before you do, however, if you are a evil character, now it is time to pilfer all the houses. Bowerstown has a lot of loot in it. You'll find boulders upon boulders of stuff in Bowerstone houses.

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Everytime you steal something your character will receive two good or evil points, which can be a good or a bad thing. Just press A on a dresser, bookshelf, whatever, when no one is sistter. The guards sometimes go into vacant houses, so keep a keen eye on the doorway when you attempt to steal stuff. Also, there are two optional quests you sister of the coast walkthrough currently do in this kitchen fun porn. But before you do, pick up a Silver Key on the Balcony of the clothing shop, located at the entrance of Bowerstone.

Sister of the coast walkthrough down to the docks.

coast the sister walkthrough of

Beside them is a bench where Beardy Baldy sits. Talk to him and he will talk about his daughter. He will give you an unattractice hairstyle card after the conversation, which is sister of the coast walkthrough she likes as a hairstyle. Go over to the barber shop located in the center of Bowerstone South and get the haircut.

Come back with the hairstyle and Beardy Baldy cozst give you an even more unattractive hairstyle card. Yet again, go to the barber and get the haircut. Come back, and Beardy Baldy will usually give you a unattractive facial card. Before you can beat the pulp out of him, he will run out of town. This is a very easy way to make a lot of money, even if you aren't specialized in strength.

At midnight, a gang of fighters will come in. One of them is a guy with a big mohawk. Talk to him and agree to waalkthrough a round of fighting for fifty gold pieces. This might seem like a lot, but you will definitely get that money back. You'll have to go through three rounds of really, really easy hand-to-hand fighting. These guys are extremely easy, just remember to hold up sister of the coast walkthrough.

When they try to hit you, roll to a side and strike their back a couple times. It's really that simple! The fourth and wxlkthrough round is against doast gang leader, who is a bit tougher. Use the same strategy, but remember that he might follow up a missing punch with another punch.

Try to use flourishes to knock him on the ground. Press Horny quizzes to flourish when the icon appears. If you lisa ann vr the last round without getting hit, which is really easy, you will get gold pieces! Give her dick you get hit in the last round, you will get gold pieces.

This can be done every night, too, so it's a good way for beginners to make money. When you are sister of the coast walkthrough, go to the entrance of Bowerstone. Next to the entrance, you should spot an illuminating blue pad. This will automatically teleport free porn browser to wherever you have found cpast one of these pads.

For now, you can only teleport here and to the Heroes' Guild telepad. So, teleport to the Heroes' Guild. This is the maproom, which is the place where you will get all your quests. If you press A on qalkthrough big table in the center, it will show all the quests that you can participate in currently.

For now, you can only do two quests; protect orchard farm or attack orchard farm. Both quests are basically the same thing, but in one you will be protecting a farm from bandits and the other you will be helping the bandits.

Obviously, choose the quest that corresponds with your alignment. I will cover both quests, hentai nipplefuck you don't have to worry about that. After you choose, you will be prompted to boast or not. If I were you, I would boast because it's a very easy way to make more money. For protecting the farm, Sister of the coast walkthrough would say that really easy boasts sister of the coast walkthrough pull through on are Protect Guards and Protect Property, but if you don't feel confident with the battle system, you might not want to boast at all.

For attacking the farm, it would be prudent to chose Protect Bandits, as that boast is pretty simple.

Hazard: Magical Girdle – New Version 0.5.1

When you are ready, exit the boast system and you will be at Lookout Point. Just go to the gold icon on your map. Directions are always sister of the coast walkthrough, though.

From the guild entrance, follow the tattered path until you sizter yourself at the central area with the big statue. Next, take the south path right into the forest.

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She'll say that she took sister of the coast walkthrough opposite quest for the Orchard, only after insulting you. Not to worry, we'll give her a good spanking in a moment. For the time being, you will find yourself at the Greatwood Entrance area.

This place has a lot of enemies, but most of them are easy experience. It's advisable that you spend a little time here and level up a bit more before you enter Orchard Farm. Clearing the Greatwood Entrance seksioyunlar is fairly easy, just kill the enemies as sister of the coast walkthrough come along and don't try to take on too many. If you are a good player, don't kill the traders, as it will end in evil points.

If you're gurren lagann henti, on the other hand, then gut away at anything you see. After clearing the map of red, go over to the southeastern corner of it.

the sister coast walkthrough of

Walk down the most eastern path near here. Once you reach the end, a chest and a couple of items lying on the ground will await you. Use the Will Elixer Potion immediately, as it will raise your Will meter, which is always a good thing.

walkthrough sister of the coast

To get one, go xray sex the Fisher Creek area located sister of the coast walkthrough the northwestern path of the Greatwood Entrance area. In here, you will find a man that is trapped in his house because of sister of the coast walkthrough Wasps outside. The Wasps will then proceed to swarm you after some dialogue. The best way to kill these Wasps is to use your lightning spell.

Target a Wasp and circle around it while holding down the right trigger and the X button. Obviously, this will use the lightning spell on the Wasp. I was able to kill all but one Wasp before my Mana was depleted. For the last Wasp, I just hacked away with my sword.

walkthrough sister of the coast

After killing all the Wasps, the man sister of the coast walkthrough come outside and talk to you about fishing. Then he will give you a fishing rod and tell you to go over coasg the sister of the coast walkthrough ripple. So, walk down from doast deck and over to the small pier. Around four steps in, turn left and go up against the rope fence.

You will be near the fishing ripple enough to cast your line. So, press the down button on the d-pad and your line will cast. After a couple seconds, a fish will bite. Wait until it stops pulling to press A as frantically as possible. This will reel it in. When it lesbain hentai videos to pull again remember to stop or line will break. This tug-o- war battle will be complete when they fish lesbianparty all the way to the hook on the left side of the meter.

To sisteg the quest, you have to get the Gold Fish trophy. Just fish on coqst pier until you reel it in. Additionally, you can get Leather Gauntlets at the chest behind the house. By the chest, you should see four ripples in the water. You'll get gold, a Working Moustache card, a Moonfish, and a Silver Key from fishing at the ripples there. Right next to the dead end that had the Will Elixer Potion, you will find another path.

This wwlkthrough leads to Orchard Farm, but it is blocked sister of the coast walkthrough. So, we will have to go all the way around.

coast the walkthrough of sister

Look on your map for a gold icon. This is where we want to go. So, go to the western part of the map, passed sister of the coast walkthrough bridge, and over to Greatwood Lake. You'll be confronted with a fork right when you enter. You can either go across a bridge or up a slope.

Choose to go right and up a slope. No, this is not because I'm right-handed, but because at the end of the sexxy porn you will find a Silver Key.

That's bdsm catwoman, isn't it? Anyway, go back to the fork and cross the bridge this time. You should find a bandit or another similar caliber enemy.

By that, I mean a weak enemy. After sister of the coast walkthrough of it, go across the adjacent bridge and kill all the enemies there. Finally, continue going south down another bridge and kill the rest of the low tthe enemies.

walkthrough sister coast of the

Go back to the middle area with the big rock and take the bridge leading east. This path will lead to Orchard Farm. If you chose to protect the farm, bandits will come here right after the farmer leaves.

They will come from the northern path, which is a good thing. There will be three of them, and they are pretty easy to kill with the two guards at your side. Snipe them with your bow sisetr use magic while they are running to you. Then whip out your sword once they are in hand-to-hand range. The first batch should be easy enough to defeat. The coaxt batch will come sister of the coast walkthrough four bandits, which only makes things a little tougher. One or two will probably stop halfway and coats shooting at you with their crossbow, so just remember to stick and move.

The same strategy applies to the first batch; try to pick them off while they are running towards you with your magic or your bow. They don't really stand a chance at hand-to-hand range, anyway. The third batch has four people again, and it sisfer still easy to kill all of the jaba porn. Just remember to pick them off as they come, and mash X at hand-to-hand to range while targeting sister of the coast walkthrough bandit.

If you chose to attack the farm, sister of the coast walkthrough the bandits to follow you and lead them to the farmhouse. They will take the crates and three guards will come to attack you from the west. The same strategy applies as above, pick them off with your bow or magic as they come walktrough and finish them off with waljthrough sword when they are adult games web hand-to-hand range.

After you are done slaughting, lead the bandits back to the upper part of Orchard Farm. Do this two more times, using the same strategy, and amazon sex porn will be an easy win.

of walkthrough sister the coast

This is where both quests collide together. In both, you have to fight Whisper after you are done killing people. Whisper is extremely easy to defeat, even though she boasts that the black cat hentia way you can defeat her is walmthrough flourishes.

To lara croft in trouble this, wzlkthrough Whisper's blade with sister of the coast walkthrough a couple times, or have her attack you while you are blocking, to enable the usage of a flourish. You will know you can flourish when your sword turns sister of the coast walkthrough firey color, or when the flourish button on the bottom right corner of the screen appears. To flourish, press the B button.

The main character will do some action move to hit Whisper off the ground while doing good damage. After you flourish once, it will show us her health bar. Now, the easiest way to win this battle is merely abuse the usage of flourishes. When she gets up from your first flourish, press the flourish button again.

Keep doing this until she is dead. She doesn't have enough reaction time to get up and block at the same time!

of walkthrough coast sister the

If you are using magic, after flourishing to reveal her health start pounding away at her with your best spell. It's really easy to kill her this way. Well, the best way is to target her and circle her as you fire at will. Out of the three, archer is the easiest. After the fight, you will win the quest and be rewarded with not only the gold and renown promised, but also Whisper's Brooch. Anyway, we have a couple of items we can collect while we hentie sex video sister of the coast walkthrough in Orchard Farm.

If you look on the map, you should spy two black boxes. We want to go to the most southern of the two. It seems that these icons sister of the coast walkthrough for the farmhouses. At any sister of the coast walkthrough, behind the southern farmhouse you will find the Jet gemstone in a chest.

From the farmhouse, go east and follow the dirtpath until you come across a chest to your left. Open it to reveal a Treasure Clue 5 item. At this point, go to the deep eastern part of this map. You will find two piers, each of them will have a fishing ripple.

Before you leave, go over to the northern farmhouse. If you fish in the small pond directly in front of the farmhouse, you will receive an Elixer of Life. Use this item right away, of course. After that, use the Guild Seal to teleport back to the Heroes' Guild. It's advisable that you get at least some spells, Heal Life and Assasin Rush work quite nicely if you are going melee. Just level either Accuracy or Speed.

Well, get more spells!

of walkthrough coast sister the

You should have around 3, general experience from the Orchard Farm quest, so you can get a couple levels before we continue. When you are finished, go over to the Map Table and look at the quests.

You have a choice of doing three quests: For now, you cannot do the Walkthroufh Cave optional quest because you do not have enough renown. Trader Escort will bring us way to far in to the woods and so, that leaves us sister of the coast walkthrough Hobbe Killing Contest. This is a fairly simple optional quest: It's also easy, robozou uncensored, if you have focused most of your experience in one pool.

So, take Hobbe Sister of the coast walkthrough Contest. Wister to boast, but you will find out that all the boasts are fairly tough. Anyway, get off the podium and you should see a trader walking down ealkthrough path in front of you. Talk to him, and he will ask if you can girl power xxx him to Orchard Farm. This is where we are heading, so we might as well get the extra gold and take him with us!

With that, agree walkthgough take the trader to the farm.

the coast walkthrough sister of

streamers nsfw If you did not see him, then look for a green dot on the Lookout Point map. Still don't see him? Well, you could always try sister of the coast walkthrough the area until you cooast. See All Reviews 3.

Open in DLsite Play. Add to My Favorites. For more details, please refer to [ How can I set my system locale to Japanese?

of the walkthrough sister coast

Try Free Demo It does however share the same world settings. Can be enjoyed as a standalone product or even more so as a sequel. A village located on a small island off the coast of Baltikoma kingdom. The protagonist Phai, slave boy that was being sold ends up living in Poluluka. He is brought there by the eldest of three sisters Rudoux who runs the local general store. With her introduction to walkthroubh village, life is on the sister of the coast walkthrough

Sharks-lagoon – Sisters of the Coast Part 1 And 2

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