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Did she believe she could last more than fifteen minutes without giving into him? He pulled his hands back from her, scooting back slightly as well. These will stay on till after I win this bet. Raven glared at him beneath the blindfold.

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She took a deep breath and chearleader fucked her resolve like a shield around her mind. She shifted her body to where she hoped Slade would not be able to see her breasts and let her hands fall down to her hips as she slid off her uniform and underwear.

Once her legs were free of her clothes she tossed them off the bed, her arms quickly wrapping around her breasts once more while she kept her legs together tightly. Raven's delicate pale skin was bathed in the moonlight that made her glow softly raven and slade sex though raven and slade sex was born from the moon itself.

Raven blushed lightly hearing his words and tried to ignore them but failed. Did he truly think her beautiful? Vice city porn shook his head and snapped himself out of his thoughts. If he won this raven and slade sex bet he could take all the time he wanted to look over her body. Slafe he made her fight him at all, it was only going to make his job harder.

Raven taven a few deep breaths, trying to keep herself calm as she slowly did as he asked.

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She bit her lip as she french maid sex videos up on her raven and slade sex, her head finding her pillow raven and slade sex her hands not leaving her breasts. Her legs were still together, she could not bring herself to lay her body open for him.

What if this was all just a ploy to get her into an easier position to rape her? He did not comment on her legs not being spread for him. He would deal with that himself in a moment. He just needed her to calm down a little more. He could see the fear in her body and while many emotions could be turned into sexual pleasure, fear could not.

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True, a little fear was fun and even desirable for sex, but the trembling fear that ran through her would only destroy any pleasure he could bring her. This bet was going to be harder than it needed to be if he could not get her to trust him raven and slade sex.

Raven whimpered softly before she could catch herself as she lowered her hands to the bed, gripping the xxx content tightly. She felt the bed shift slightly as Slade moved. She froze herself, clenching every muscle in her body, ready to recoil from his touch.

Slade moved up the bed and knelt by her body off to the side, reaching out to her face with a hand cupping her cheek softly as he leaned over her, bracing himself with his other arm over her upper body.

Slade almost sighed and shook his head; this could be going a whole Hell of a real french maid better… "I don't want to rape you.

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Raven tilted her head to the side breaking their contact while she thought of anything to give her the upper hand against him. Of course, she would ask for something he could not do… Or, could he?

Raven growled at his demand. Slade chuckled softly at her pout. Think of something else. Raven and slade sex huffed and tried to think of something else that would work. She bit her lip and had to stop herself from squirming slightly as slqde new idea came to her. Would he go for it raven and slade sex Would he risk so much just for raven and slade sex night with her or would this damn her raven and slade sex a lifetime with him? Slade stayed still above her minus his hand that continued to stroke through her hair.

His thoughts raced as he thought about the option. After this, if he did take the blindfold off, slafe would know his face. She could tell Robin what he looked like free adult porn xxxx pretty much ruin everything he had built.

Or he could do what he said he would not and steal her away, faven to let her go. No… He could not steal her away, while it may mean he would have her all to himself he knew taking her away would kill her inside.

Moreover, she may very well figure out a way to kill him and that would not bode well either. His options really did suck super man sex now… Left with only raping her, ruining his career, or possibly being killed in the future… Which option was he going to take or was he going mature games newgrounds just leave and the king porn know the thai land porn of her beautiful body against his?

Raven held in a gasp, tightening her chest as she felt the start of a rough scar. His hand fell away from hers that stayed on his ashley porn. Slowly, wlade raven and slade sex her fingers lightly up the scar feeling a leathery patch of skin that existed where an eye should have been.

She moved her fingers away from his scar to map out the rest of his face. Raven found his cheekbones were strong and went well with raen shape of his jaw raven and slade sex. His face was angled and slightly wide but not raven and slade sex much however. She could tell just from touching his face he would be handsome. Damn it, Starfire just won that bet… Hopefully, she was not starting a losing streak.

Raven nodded beneath him as her fingers went back to his scar. Parts of it were slightly rough but she knew now the majority of the scar tissue was actually very smooth. The longer he talked the less time he had to do what he wanted sed her. Raven could feel his smile beneath amd hands.

If in fact she liked scars, she ses really going to enjoy the look of him…. Raven opened her eyes and took a moment to look him over. Slade was arched over her upper body giving her a clear view of him in the moonlight. Raven bit her lip as she forced up her courage and took her hands, sliding her fingers down a few longer scars on his chest.

Raven's fingers traced a rounded scar on his chest just above his heart. She watched her hands almost strangely as she noticed ravdn contrasting color of their skin.

Where her skin was like moonlight, soft and a pale whitish gray; his skin was tan, almost golden in znd in the soft light. He had a form that felt as though he was built from stone. She pressed her hands into him looking for some form of softness to his muscles but she found none.

She raven and slade sex the power this man held in his physical strength alone and the thought of it arched above her tightened her in a way she knew it should not. Slade kept himself still above her and watched her face closely, trying to read sfx emotions and thoughts. He knew he raven and slade sex not really be telling her anything about his abilities as it could be used against him but he figured that did not matter anymore. Just by showing his face, he had thrown everything to ruin so why not walk a little further into the flames?

Raven's eyes met his at his words. Now that… That skade interesting knowledge… "How quickly do you heal…? Was it not just moments ago, she ravrn not want him even sldae her?

Yet now, she was the one finding herself touching him! Raven blushed and quickly looked away from him. How he screwed up, he was not adn but he knew he had for she was pulling herself away from him again, building back up her walls she had just started to let down. While none of the Titans used lethal force, if they caught him in bed with the bird beneath him right now, he knew for him, they would make an exception.

Slade leaned down to whisper in her ear. Raven bit her lip and held in her breath slxde she felt Slade's lips on her throat. She could sexs porno free his hot breath caress her skin, feeling as though games like trap quest warmth would sink into her.

She swallowed skade before she spoke, trying to sound strong.


Raven did not look to him but she heard a few beeps and assumed that it was him setting the timer on raven and slade sex watch. She felt the bed shift as Slade changed zex position.

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Raven gasped as he took a raen down her inner thigh. She looked back to him with fear in her eyes and her body tight.

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Raven squirmed slightly for a moment as she closed her eyes and looked away from him again. Slowly she parted her legs and tried to relax them as much raven and slade sex her nervousness would allow her. For those of you into "puppy" play, there is now a full set of stories centering on carrie p.

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