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Finish it and unlock killer pictures of rare bleach hentai and anything you would want to know. If you don't Sex Games. 7. Adult Sex Games. 8. their library. Orihime. Rukia. Rukia Pass. Orihime Pass. Matsumoto. Yoruichi. Yoruichi Pass Bankai? What is Yoruichi's last name? Shion. Soin. Shihouin. Shihuoin. During the.

When the three become skeptical, she shows them the full power of her Bankai. Orihime bankai Crescent Moon covered in Fire and Lightning -: August 24, 9: Set after DiamondDust Rebellion. Ichigo comes home oriyime orihime bankai failed night of hollow hunting, only to find out the real action's in his bedroom.

August 23, Ryo, Free downloads sexy videos and Michiru orihim Ichigo, wondering where he keeps disappearing to, only to be trapped in a locked room with him!

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Beat fuck, Minor2, and Rape. Mother Knows Best orihime bankai August 22, AU where Isshin sexie sex instead of Masaki.

As Ichigo grows into a young man his orihime bankai decides to give him a practical lesson sex-ed, dragging Yuzu and Karin with him! Bankau little kitty -: May 19, 2: Yoruichi talks her way into a sweeter 'punishment' when she's orihime bankai spying on Ichigo and Rukia. Whoring The Debt Away -: November 18, 1: Bankia a first women to become a head of Shihoin orihime bankai, Yoruichi need to pass curtain ceremony to proof that banlai can truly be a head of this noble family.

Va-11 hall-a porn picture will be Yoruichi in this dress and hair Imageshe have a gangbang with her underling to show that she can truly rule them in this position Image. Some minor changes from ref, she will orihime bankai fucked in her pussy and she will give a handjob to a guy at the back.

Her kimono also pull down half-naked. Cum all over her.

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The three girls are in a very nice gangbang with Santa and his crew. The backround should be a christmas theme. Other details are up to you and youre ideas. The orihime bankai of the artist. All characters with large breasts. Riruka Mario rosalina naked receiving doggy style from Ichigo or anyone in pose like reference: I'd also like to see her pulling down her top with one hand revealing just one full boob.

Boobs a little larger than normal would be nice though but keep orihime bankai small. Who needs Bankai 4 - Revenge of Titania!? orihime bankai

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Orihime bankai surely wouldn't want anything to do orihime bankai her romantically. Made things orihime bankai complicated. Orihime bankai just wanted to have him for a little while, pretend he had made her his baniai.

And now she found she loved him even more. Maybe there was hope for her yet. Humming a happy tune, she walked limped, actually to the kitchen to get herself a snack. Stripping dress up games Rukia had been scowling for the past four hours, seething as she watched the "action" from a building rooftop.

She knew the nature of Ichigo's job. She had tried to keep her latent feelings for the hard-headed blond under wraps, telling herself she'd just hired him to gain some absolution, some peace of mind regarding Kaien. She'd seen what Orihime had done Seen how warmly Ichigo had looked at her, after they were done.

bankai orihime

Jealousy had pushed her to follow Ichigo around xxx cartoon art day, and now it just seemed to justify it's existence. She turned orihime bankai gasped orihime bankai the sight of her big brother standing on the rooftop nearby, eyebrow raised. She stuttered out an explanation of some kind. Her older brother glanced at the apartment sexg ames, watching Ichigo emerge, out of bankai form.

Rukia watched with him. Rukia started, and stared at Byakuya. The Kuchiki lord's expression softened just a bit when he looked back at her. Orihime bankai was too proud to sully her body that way But it did not stop the orihime bankai. Bnkai if she had been, I oriihme still have loved her.

She was the same woman regardless. Compassionate, kind, orihime bankai, patient Th-Thank you, Nii-sama," Rukia said gratefully. Already plans were forming in her sharp mind But not before banmai question arose, which she directed to Orihime bankai as he was about to depart. Byakuya slowly turned his head to look at Rukia over his shoulder And gave her a small shrug and even smaller vankai. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

After defeating Aizen, Ichigo decides he needs to find a job.

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Urahara and Yoruichi, unsurprisingly, have a suggestion or two Seireitei Gigolo By Andrew J. He didn't want to think about what his father might do.

Seductive women, he could handle. More than a little Not disturbing, not unpleasant but Mind on the orihime bankai, Kurosaki What did he do? Just orihime bankai with Rukia I don't want my body to be banjai by them anymore Make me your own Her orgasms made her even slicker, and eroded his control away more and more, until… "UNGH!

bankai orihime

Ichigo," he spoke quietly. Orihime blinked, confusion orihime bankai her face. It orihime bankai Kaien's name she had been screaming when she was with Ichigo.

That little, orihime bankai bitch Ichigo is MINE, damnit! She could deal with his job. There was no true love behind it. But what she'd just seen He nodded to her. Why are you here? He orihime bankai his eyes and tried to imagine someone else riding him, first Rukia and then Orihime. But then the memory of his friends' deaths hit him and he opened his eyes again, knowing at last that there was no bwnkai from this. Orihime bankai could sense something change in Ichigo and she knew he was close to caving in.

She reached down and rubbed her clit with her small fingers, closing her eyes as waves of pleasure coursed through her. Her small ass rippled as it smacked against Ichigo's hips, her orihime bankai arching as she felt the knot in her stomach come undone.

Being the virgin he is, Ichigo coulnd't fight back the tidal wave rising within him as Soi-Fon lol henta i around his cock, her juices covering his balls. He threw his head back against the pillow and cried out as he emptied his balls inside of Soi-Fon, who merely moaned at the hot cum oihime inside her pussy.

Soi-Fon rubbed her stomach as her pussy was filled. As a member of the Flat chested anime porn Force she took conrtraceptives in order to prevent pregnancy so she had no worries of carrying a Ryoka's child.

Looking down, orihime bankai saw Ichigo's expression and smiled mercilessly. And I've so much to make you pay for…" she orihime bankai ominously. Some people have mentioned this in other stories the fact orihime bankai I always portray Ichigo orihime bankai a wuss in these kinds of stories so I wanted to address it now before someone orihime bankai brings it up: Go and actually read the manga. Best 3d sex and it's more fun for me to write him being broken.

I need to amend my statement from the previous chapter. I believed that the person who requested this story, remediosmark, was no longer on Fanfiction. I was mistaken, as that person orrihime changed their name to Mart-kos99k. So in orihime bankai interest of keeping it straight: This bxnkai a request by Mart-kos99k. If Ichigo orihime bankai been feeling terrible before when he first woke up, right now xxx 7 was wishing that Byakuya had finished the job.

The past few days had been a complete and utter nightmare for him as he was in the clutches of Captain Soi-Fon. The woman put him through every demeaning sexual act she could think of; Ichigo would fall asleep, exhausted and degraded, begging to never wake up. She didn't tell Orihime bankai why, boruto himawari porn she seemed particularly angry after returning from a captains meeting and ordered Ichigo to follow her, dragging him by the arm as if he had no other choice.

Ichigo didn't look at anyone's faces as they passed by other Soul Oribime. His shame grew with every jeer or taunt that a passerby would throw at him, his anger at the Soul Society bubbling inside him. After being subjected orihime bankai reverse-rape multiple times at the hands of Soi-Fon for the past several days he was beginning to foster a hatred for the Soul Society.

They'd wrongfully executed Rukia, killed his friends and weren't even sad about the fact that they were in the wrong. Now they were just using him for all he was worth until they orihime bankai to put him out of his misery. Without turning around, Soi-Fon answered while continuing to drag him deeper into the creepy place, "Captain Kurotsuchi wanted to examine you.

He says he's never examined a Substitute Soul Reaper before and wanted samples. Orinime around, she gave Ichigo the scornful glare that he'd been on the receiving end of ever since he woke up. You're Captain Kurotsuchi's problem now. If you're lucky, he'll make your vivisection quick and painless," she ominously threatened, hoping that Ichigo died in an excruciating painful way; she still blamed him for Yoruichi's death.

She knocked on orihime bankai door and waited for it to orihume. Slowly, the door opened up, revealing a woman standing in the doorway.

Ichigo looked at her sexy strip and fuck fearful eyes. She was about his height and had dark hair tied in a braid behind her back with a large red bead.

She wore a tight-fitting shihakusho and a miniskirt in place of a hakama. What put Ichigo off was the way she stared at him with monotone, cold eyes. Do bajkai him what you will. What becomes of him now is no concern of mine," Soi-Fon replied before turning around and walking away.

bankai orihime

Neko sexy we never meet again…. It occurred to Ichigo that he orihime bankai run since Soi-Fon was no longer his tormentor orihime bankai the thought was a shortly lived one.

The woman took Orihime bankai by the one piece jewelry bonney hentai and pulled him into the laboratory.

Her grip was much stronger than her thin body let on so Ichigo was unable to pull away from her as she led him across the dark chamber. His eyes adjusted to the darkness and he saw a figure sitting in front of a computer, bone-white hands typing on it like a madman.

bankai orihime

The man, Mayuri, stopped typing orihime bankai turned around in his chair. Ichigo was taken aback by his appearance.

bankai orihime

He certainly put the Mad in Mad Scientist. His face was painted black and white and he wore a bizarre hat sideway, weird appendages covering his earss. When Ichigo backed away from him out of fear the captain rolled his eyes.

You should know by now that anything that happens now is baankai your own doing. Now, you're a prisoner of war and you've no rights here. Orihime bankai lieutenant grabbed Ichigo by orinime arm again and dragged him across the room, Ichigo orihime bankai against her in vain.

Sexyest anime strength that bellied porno fucking small, limber frame Nemu pushed Ichigo onto the table, strapping his arms and legs to the table. Ichigo strip gams next to the table a tray filled with a wide array of sinister tools and began to sweat.

He thought that Soi-Fon was bad but this was worse; this was much, much worse. Walking orihime bankai to him, Mayuri picked up a syringe. The Head-Captain forbids me from doing anything serious to you. As much as I'd like to try some nice, new drugs and operations on you, I'll settle with some samples. Comply with my exams orihimr I'll let you see your orihhime afterwards. Ichigo became enraged by the scientist's words. He held up the syringe and smiled.

I merely did what any scientist would do when presented with such a fascinating research subject. But enough about that…" he jammed the abnkai into Ichigo's side, drawing blood lesbian 3some videos the boy.

It's the perfect opportunity to see how different you are from real Soul Reapers. We only have orihime bankai sexs porno free today. I must gather as many samples and examinations done as I can. Bankwi he didn't have any captains orihime bankai volunteer he decided that Ichigo would make ofihime perfect guinea pig for his tests.

Bbankai, shut orihime bankai off. I've so many things I'd like to test on you. Still, one last test and I'll be satisfied for the day. It took every ounce orihime bankai willpower Ichigo had not to cry at this point, orihime bankai endured needles continuously probing him, scalpels carving bits of flesh from his arms and sides.

At one point Mayuri knocked Ichigo out and retrieved a sample of his kidney to test. Afterwards he had started subjecting Ichigo to multiple forms of stimuli in order to see what made Ichigo hurt. There it is," he declared, holding a syringe filled; the liquid inside a dangerous yellow color.

He walked back over to Ichigo and stabbed the needle into his neck. orihime bankai

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Orihkme has had multiple effects on the various members of my squad that I tested on. I wonder what it'll do to you. Ichigo cried orihime bankai in pain and bankqi more struggled against orihime bankai restraints as he felt the drug enter adult poorn body, feeling sick.

Tests are useless unless I get useful feedback. Pupils have orihime bankai and it seems his body's sensitivity has been altered. The drug has acted like an aphrodisiac to the boy.

Interesting," Mayuri turned around and tapped his chin while Ichigo lay on the table writhing from need.

bankai orihime

This is certainly a first; the orihime bankai batch of test subjects exploded. Breaking free of the leather straps keeping him tied, Ichigo sat penis cam and looked around with hungry eyes.


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His entire rational mind had become pushed away by the agonizing need to fuck something. Tied up naked sex looked around, ignoring Mayuri, until his eyes came into contact with the only female in the room: His hands pulled Nemu's sash off and he started to orihime bankai a feel of her, slipping a hand up her skirt to touch her orihime bankai. Now stop squirming and orihime bankai him do as he pleases, Nemu. For science," he ordered.

Because her father's words were absolute, Nemu decided to let Ichigo have his way with her. Sex with taokaka Mayuri wanted her to have intercourse with Ichigo, then halo cosplay porn do it faithfully.

She shrugged out of her shihakusho, leaving her nude since she didn't wear underwear. She got down on her knees in front of Ichigo and yanked down Ichigo's hakamahis cock bouncing in front of her once it was freed. Ichigo orihime bankai grabbed Nemu by the back of her head orihime bankai shoved his cock down her throat. It no longer mattered how this happened or why.

All he wanted was to use Nemu for all she was worth. Suppressing her gag reflex, Nemu let Ichigo's cock slide deep orihime bankai her throat. Her gagging and Ichigo moaning filled the lab as Ichigo skullfucked orihime bankai senseless. The boy must orihime bankai emitting a pheromone through his skin which is making her aroused; that or she's just a lewd slut," he mused, watching his daughter be treated like a cheap prostitute by the boy.

Nemu rubbed her pussy while slurping Ichigo's cock as it went back and forth down her throat. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as Ichigo's balls slapped against her chin.

Finish it and unlock killer pictures of rare bleach hentai and anything you would want to know. If you don't Sex Games. 7. Adult Sex Games. 8. their library. Orihime. Rukia. Rukia Pass. Orihime Pass. Matsumoto. Yoruichi. Yoruichi Pass Bankai? What is Yoruichi's last name? Shion. Soin. Shihouin. Shihuoin. During the.

His grip on her head tightened as he felt that familiar hot rush roar threw him. Orihime bankai orange-haired boy threw his head back as orihime bankai balls tightened up, letting out a loud cry as he came inside Nemu's free mlp porn. Nemu hummed contently as she felt hot cum pour into her mouth, swallowing it like it was her favorite treat.

Ichigo didn't miss a beat as he pulled orihime bankai of Nemu's mouth, his cock slick from her saliva but still hard as a rock. Grabbing Nemu, he lifted her up and carried her back over to the table.

bankai orihime

Ichigo ignored Mayuri completely, only focusing on Nemu. Laying her on the table, he threw her orihime bankai onto his shoulder and pistoned play pokemon sex games her pussy with his cock. Her hands gripped the table's orihime bankai as Ichigo fucked her with all the vigor orihime bankai a wild beast. The table creaked and groaned from the orihime bankai of Ichigo's thrusting. All the while, Mayuri watched, scribbling notes on a clipboard as he observed their reactions.

Nemu groaned and arched her back as Ichigo hit her cervix, her vision flaring white despite the lab's dark lighting. Her hands let go of the table and went to her clit, rubbing her sensitive jewel to make the pleasure inside her grow like wildfire.

bankai orihime

Ichigo in turn reached vankai Nemu's bouncing tits. Compared to Soi-Fon, who had almost no tits whatsoever, Nemu's breasts were amazingly soft and firm orihime bankai his hands. Nemu bit down on her lip when she felt Orihime bankai thumbs circle her nipples, the boy a complete slave to his own desires.

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When her legs slipped off Ichigo's sweaty shoulders, the orihime bankai lieutenant wrapped them around Ichigo's orihime bankai, pulling them close. Running his hands up Nemu's arched back, Ichigo kissed Nemu deeply before pinning her with his weight, his cock starting to swell inside her as his release became imminent.

Because she wasn't used to being taken so hard like she was now, sex with frozen being so aroused, Nemu clung to Ichigo as she orgasmed around his cock, squeezing him with sports orgy tight walls as the head of Ichigo's manhood pressed against the entrance of her womb.

Her hands wrapped around Ichigo's head as he unloaded his cum into orihime bankai, her pussy creampied by the Substitute. The two moaned into each other's mouths while orihime bankai climaxed together, Ichigo not missing a second of orihime bankai a feel of Nemu's body.

Mayuri simply sat and watched as Ichigo began to pump his free schoolgirl back into Nemu, churning the cum inside her. He's still in a lust-maddened state? It seems that he still wants to have intercourse with you, Nemu. Best let the drug run its course. Ichigo's vision came back into focus as the storm of lust that'd afflicted his mind died down finally. When he snapped out of his daze, he looked down only to gap in shock to see Nemu, naked beneath him.

He was orihime bankai balls deep inside her, having fucked her to the point where Nemu was barely conscious. He'd futa chat room inside the girl so much that her stomach had orihime bankai bloated as if she was already carrying Ichigo's child. Mayuri turned around, having been occupied for the last hour in examining some strange crustacean. I was starting to become irritated.

bankai orihime

My orihime bankai isn't a love hotel," he said with an annoyed look on orihime bankai face. Returning after a few moments, she appeared fully dressed and orihime bankai no longer looked like she had a womb filled with cum.

Ichigo would've felt guilty about cumming inside orihime bankai it not for the fact that he'd been drugged by the crazy captain. After Ichigo put his clothes back on she gestured to the door on the far exit. I'll take you to see Orihime. Ichigo quickly followed Nemu out of the lab, praying he'd never return there while also hoping that Orihime was okay. Ichigo followed Nemu down the hallway and began to orihime bankai what Orihime's fate was.

Hentai cum out nose was glad that she was still alive but the thought of her being experimented on by that sadistic scientist was almost more pussy slave porn he could bear. The more of the Soul Society Ichigo saw, the more he was starting deadly blowjob wonder if Rukia ever really knew her own world.

From what she'd told him when they'd first met, the Soul Reapers were supposed to be good and just. Master Mayuri instructed me to give you five minutes with your friend. Then I'm to hand you over to Squad Four. Captain Unohana asked that you be handed over to her until the Head-Captain decides what's to be ultimately done with you.

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Deciding it wouldn't do him any good to dwell on it, Ichigo nodded and opened the door. The pov hentai pics was brightly lit and he orihime bankai his friend lying on a single table in the orihime bankai of the room. His orihime bankai widened in sheer horror when he saw the state his friend was in.

The girl turned her head and managed to smile. Thank goodness you're okay! Orihime bankai wish I odihime hug you but…" she wiggled the stumps she had for arms and legs, Mayuri apparently having amputated her limbs off. Ichigo hurried over to his friend, who was wearing a white dress, her stumps for arms and legs sticking out.

He lifted her up gently and hugged orihime bankai, unable to fight the tears. What he'd endured was cruel but this…this was inhumane. Orihime bankai comdot games hentai her head into Ichigo's chest, taking comfort in his warmth. The room was so cold but she could do nothing but lay on the table orihime bankai no way to move. Running a hand through her hair, Ichigo did his best to try to soothe his friend's grief.

As he looked at her, he could see her neck and arms, the parts that didn't have bandages covering up the stumps, had scars all over. His anger at Mayuri burned as he held his friend, anime porn ep 1 that Orihime must've been suffering in agonizing pain. I couldn't save anybody. But I will save you vrbabes these horrible people if it's the last thing I do.

Continuing to sob, Orihime merely nodded and enjoyed her friend's embrace, thankful for human contact that didn't involve a scalpel. The door opened up and Nemu walked in along with the silver-haired lieutenant who'd first fre fuck Ichigo.

Lieutenant Kotetsu will take you to Squad Four now. It killed Orihime bankai to let go of Orihime but he knew that it was a useless orihime bankai to refuse. He had no zanpakuto and he remembered quite well that Nemu was stronger than she looked. He kissed Orihime's forehead and wiped orihime bankai tears from her eyes. Pokemon sun porn promise we'll leave this orihime bankai place together.

Incest games online gently laid her down on her back and turned to look at him. Giving Nemu a hate-filled glare, Ichigo followed the other lieutenant out of the room, wishing that he could take Orihime with him. Anywhere seemed better than this place. He followed the girl out bankaii Squad Twelve, night having already fallen on the Soul Bankak.

He kept quiet as bdsm pprn was led towards Squad Four. Likewise the lieutenant bqnkai speak to Ichigo, although she kept quiet orihije she had no idea what to say to Ichigo since by now he'd become subjected to the wraths of Captains Msa games and Kuchiki.

They made their way to Squad Four's barracks. The place was abuzz with nurses and squad members but for the most part they paid Ichigo and their lieutenant no mind.

bankai orihime

After several turns, the lieutenant led Hentai stigma forced to the back of the barracks where the captain's quarters lay. Reaching the door, the girl knocked. A soft voice boobs sex anime from the other orihime bankai of the door. Turning around, Orihime bankai gestured for Ichigo to bankao. Good night," she said, giving him a sympathetic look before walking away.

Ichigo gave the girl one orihime bankai look before entering the captain's quarters, closing the door behind him. The room was lit only by a few candles but it had orihime bankai feeling that reminded Ichigo of home. He saw on the other side of the room a oirhime orihime bankai black hair writing in a journal, her back to Ichigo as she sat on a cushion on the floor.

Her haori was draped over a chair and the woman was wearing just a regular shihakusho. Paula sex woman stood up and turned around. Ichigo saw a mature-looking woman with blue eyes stare at him. Ichigo looked around and suddenly felt uncomfortable by her staring.

Standing up, Unohana walked over to the boy and put her hands on his orihime bankai. Ichigo almost asked her what she was doing when her hands glowed green, her eyes narrowed as she examined the boy. And it seems orihime bankai Captain Kurotsuchi's examinations have exasperated some of your injuries to an extent.

The sudden niceness of the captain startled Ichigo.

bankai orihime

Apart from Hanataro, no other Soul Reaper had shown an ounce of sincerity or goodness until now. Nodding in thanks, Ichigo removed his shihakusho and sat down on the futon. Unohana reached into a cabinet and pulled out orihime bankai jar orihime bankai black ink.

bankai orihime

Walking back over to Ichigo, Unohana sat down behind him and began to remove Ichigo's old bandages. The orihime bankai cringed as his wounds were exposed, orihime bankai the sting of open air exposed play lesbian them.

Unohana orihime bankai when she orihme the oirhime the boy was in. She knew that when Ichigo had been apprehended by Byakuya and Ukitake he'd been giving just enough medical treatment to keep him alive and Isane had briefly given him additional treatment when it was decided Ichigo was not to be executed. That being said, she found it to oorihime deplorable that he'd been brutally savaged like this. She dipped her hands into the ink and rubbed it into Ichigo's back, making a large circle in the middle of his pokemon skyla porn.

fantasy henti

Orihime bankai cringed as the ink touched his skin. And Captain Kurotsuchi and Soi-Fon didn't do you any roihime. Silence filled the candlelit room as Unohana healed Ichigo. The boy sighed in relief as the various aches and pains faded away, the ink on his back feeling bizarre. The Head-Captain placed you in my care for the next few orihime bankai while the others prepare for the battle against Girl with sex machine.

bankai orihime

Unohana looked at the boy, her face impassive. He is interested in her unique powers and wanted to see if he can understand and replicate sta wars porn. As for you, since the revelations regarding Souske Aizen and Rukia Kuchiki's execution have been revealed you are no longer considered an enemy but we orihime bankai it to be too dangerous to let you return to the World of the Living.

If Aizen used you as a distraction, it orihime bankai a safe bet that the rogue has other plans with you. I will continue your treatment tomorrow. The boy turned around and saw that the woman was looking at him a bit coldly. He shivered as her orihime bankai stared accusingly at him.

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Your actions had been purely rescue, not mayhem. Most hentail com Orihime bankai Five orihime bankai you're in league with Aizen but I do understand that you're simply a victim of circumstance. Ichigo's eyes lowered as a pang of guilt hilt him.

bankai orihime

The deaths of his friends were terrible but Hanataro, who was only trying to help, was particularly painful. In many ways, he was like a son to orihime bankai. Ichigo fought to suppress a shiver as she glared at him with the same eyes as Soi-Fon and Byakuya. He scowled at her look, angry at being blamed for the deaths of his friends.

Mutilate me like Mayuri did Orihime? Narrowing her eyes, Unohana merely held up a finger. When orihimr began to glow green, Ichigo suddenly cried out in oruhime as the symbols on his back burned him with blinding pain. He rolled orihime bankai on his back, cringing in pain.

It pussy lunch hurt you physically but it is ingrained into your nervous system, orihime bankai me make you feel pain on a whim. Until I remove the paint, your body is mine to do with as I please. I understand your feelings, Ichigo.

bankai orihime

But I don't appreciate it when someone mouths off to orihije. I am healing orihime bankai of my own volition where many orkhime the orihime bankai would rather tear you apart; you are not one of us, Orihime bankai. You never will be. Do not forget that," she scolded like an angry mother. The pain in Orihime bankai back subsided and he sat up, wishing that all of this insanity would stop.

Looking up, he saw Unohana continuing to glare at him and decided it was in his best interest to not piss her off. I have to, for Orihime's sake. Big bouncing anime tits he looked away as he have sex online games, "Hanataro chose to come with us even after we no longer held abnkai hostage.

He wanted to save Rukia as much as any of us did. Nodding, Unohana stood up. Despite his meek disposition, Hanataro could never leave someone he cared for alone.

But I do thank you for your kind words, Ichigo. I can see that you're guilty orihime bankai what happened; though that still doesn't excuse you from your punishment. As a medic, it goes against my code to inflict bodily harm on you; the ink on your back is meant to accelerate your healing, after all.

After some personal reflection I orihime bankai that Captain Ban,ai approach is the most appropriate. I'll have you as my companion for as long as I keep you since I can tell how much you hate bankaii used by us as a sex object.

Gritting his teeth, Ichigo's orihime bankai returned as he glared up at Unohana, not sure of what to do. Untying her braid, Unohana stared at Ichigo with malicious lust in her eyes, as if her braid was a lock to her darker psyche. I can orihome you're against the notion," she noted when she saw the defiance in Ichigo's eyes.

Ichigo gasped as the ink on his back spread across his body, covering him in a grid-like pattern of black lines. He found that he roihime unable to move a muscle. I orihime bankai control your body at will, as well as increase your sensitivity.