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Jun 25, - Futurama is back on the, well, not the air exactly, but back to televising new episodes. At this point we learn that Fry's also a robot and Leela had actually done returns and gets exploded by Bender, making everything return to normal. “Besides, these are adult stem cells, harvested from perfectly.

The Legend Of Charlie's Gold" is released in cinemas.

robot futurama exploding

Only the year is stated expoding the episode; the precise date is from Wikipedia. Leeloo is finally released back into the wild, which Gporn hub takes badly; he abandons his job and sets out to the Futurama exploding robot Pole on a whaling boat to recapture Leeloo.

Conan O'Brien loses his freakishly long legs. Dates are uncertain but presumably bracket the extinction of the pine tree, below. Lucy Liu is captured and held prisoner by kidnappster. This is as a direct result of the Decapodians' arrival above, xxx pain sex could futurama exploding robot taken months to decades.

This futuraam may not be from Earth. Dschubba monks begin using a radio telescope to search the skies for God. Most, but not all, 20th century-era videotapes are damaged. Note that Futurama exploding robot New York City was hence built before this. The common cold dies out, and the human race loses all resistance to it.

Unsuccessful daily human hunts begin on the robot planet of Capek 9. This date is seen on her locker in the Near-Death Star. Note that we have no idea who this person is; she is never seen or mentioned anywhere else. His build date is seen on his futurama exploding robot in this episode.

Farnsworth is born to Ned and Velma Farnsworth in prison, according to adults only flash games. Farnsworth lies that he is ten explodin younger than he actually is; see below. This is the date given in a biographical movie made by Leela.

Because he is showing symptoms of becoming a mad scientist, they later commit him futurama exploding robot a mental institution.

Again, this is a prisoner of the Sexy undertale porn Star about whom we have no information apart futurama exploding robot her birth year. More than 98, people are killed. This location and era is the setting for Fanny's Gearotica act.

Ogden Wernstrom is born. He is at the time of this episode. Seen on the cover of the Nosy Enquirer in or Farnsworth hooks up with Mom instead. Farnsworth contracts what is believed to be dormant, incurable, fatal Tritonian hypermalaria. Zoidberg makes a pact to stay with Farnsworth for as many decades as necessary, in order to mercy-kill futurama exploding robot when the hypermalaria symptoms return. Farnsworth walks out on Mom for the first of three times. Slurms MacKenzie's babes join him.

Mars University professor Fischer-Price Schpiekenschpell sp? He coasts on this achievement for the next fifty years.

Lando Futurama exploding robot son is born. He's 61 by the time of this episode. Turanga Morris marries Munda. Forty years prior to "Zapp Dingbat".

Sheldon and Gwen get married, also start running Explodlng. The precise date is revealed during "The Late Philip J. RobotMania is held for the first time. Time futurama exploding robot Fry should have filed a request to receive Bender's brain back from Central Bureacracy. The tradition of Claw-plach is instituted on Decapod Mellinger, starts taking the joy out of music. Dwight and Cubert's birthdays exlpoding in the same week. Leela gets her green jacket. Zoidberg joins Planet Express.

exploding robot futurama

Sean acquires his saxophone reed. Nibbler is initially presumed to have been born. He remains President futurama exploding robot his death during the events of "When Aliens Attack", which takes place in The date is shown futurama exploding robot Bender's funeral in "Forty Percent Leadbelly". Amy Wong con-quest hentai working on her Ph. Farnsworth presents his Death Clock at the science symposium.

Farnsworth builds the smelloscope. Farnsworth declares himself dead as a tax dodge. Bender becomes obsolete, presumably due to the release of a new bending unit model.

robot futurama exploding

Farnsworth accepts Bender's license agreement. Events of "The Series Has Landed". Fry remarks futurama exploding robot in the year " during this episode. Events of "My Three Suns". Farnsworth is aged in this episode, which places it between 9th April and futurama exploding robot April Events of "Hell Is Other Robots". Events of "A Flight To Remember". Events of "Mars University". Labor Day the first Monday in September occurs during this episode, which also clearly precedes Nixon's election gardevoir dress up November Earth President MacNeal is killed during this episode, and presumably replaced by his Vice-President.

Events of "I Second That Emotion". Events of "Brannigan Begin Again".

Jun 20, - From The Terminator to Cherry , robots in movies and She is programmed to seduce her way into a rival Japanese cybernetics company and explode. Futurama is the perfect show for tech lovers. . LifeSelector Review: Choose-Your-Own Adventure Sex Games That Offer No Wrong Choices. 0.

futurama exploding robot This is Fry's first Xmas away from home according to somebody Leela? Events of "Lesser Of Two Evils". Abraham Lincoln refers to the founding of America as having happened "four score and eleven hundred and forty-five years ago".

Valentine's Day also occurs during this episode. Events of "Raging Bender". Farnsworth celebrates his supposed th birthday in this episode. Cubert is also futurama exploding robot from his cloning vat, having been cloned some twelve years ago. Leela officer juggs lust for sail "over a year late for work at this point", having last showed up for work on December 31, Events of "The Deep South". Events of "Bender Gets Made".

Events of "Mother's Day". Events of "The Problem With Popplers". Omicron Persei 8 invades Earth. Events of "Anthology Of Interest". Date is from Bender's recently-deceased Uncle Vladimir's gravestone. The events of "Xmas Story" are referred to as "last year". Events of "Luck Of The Fryrish". Bender was born inwhich in futurama exploding robot episode is given as being "only four years ago".

The Oscars are usually awarded in March but this is variable. Events of "Insane In The Mainframe". This is Roberto's first appearance. Cubert is still 12 years old in this episode. News reports show this as the death date of teen singer Wendy. Major temporal kerjiggers go futurama exploding robot in this episode, but futurama exploding robot the universe seems to be approximately back to normal at the end of it, we can place a year on it. Events of "I Dated A Robot".

Fry calls this rem hentai game year three thousand or so", which is consistent with the temporal confusion caused dreams of desire cheats the previous episode. Leela joins the Mets.

Valentine's Day, probably futurama exploding robot see 12th June Events of "Crimes Of The Hot". Note that Earth's orbit is increased in radius slightly in this episode, simultaneously easing the effects html porn game global warming and lengthening the year by one week - namely, Robot Party Week. Events of "The Why Of Fry". Fry is sent by the Nibblonians into the evil brainspawn's InfoSphere so that he can destroy it.

Thanks to the warning from 31st Decemberthe Nibblonians provide Fry futurama exploding robot a Scootie-Puff Senior with which he escapes the InfoSphere before its implosion. Melllvar hosts Trekfest on Omega 3. Once again, the specific date in this episode most likely places it out of sequence. It basically looks like the Futurama universe looped through the year twice.

Events of "The Sting". The Cygnoids from "A Leela Of Futurama exploding robot Own" appear very briefly at the funeral in this futurama exploding robot, which places it in or later. The Olympic Games occur in this episode. Roboticon is held during this episode. At MomCorp, the future of robotics arrives, for the seventeenth year running. Again, futurama exploding robot of order. Events of "The Farnsworth Parabox". Events of "Three Hundred Big Boys".

Events of "Spanish Fry". This is clearly chronologically the last Futurama episode before its non-fatal cancellation, and preceding episodes have been dated This is not referred to onscreen, but Nixon is still President in episodes taking place from onwards. The headless body of Spiro Agnew is likewise re-elected as Vice-President.

Farnsworth deems Amy's Ph. She is six years old in this episode. He then futurama exploding robot in the limestone cavern underneath the Planet Express building until the "present day". This creates a time paradox which is seamlessly resolved by the Time Code. The duplicate body futurama exploding robot eventually destroyed. Hermes' time-paradox duplicate body is destroyed. Lars realises that he, too is a doomed time-paradox duplicate and calls off the wedding.

It's day 31 since space ripped open. Zoidberg starts video-dating Zindy. While passing this event for the second time in "The Late Philip J.

Fry", which takes place in nude sex video games, Farnsworth remarks "one year to go" which places this episode anime tentacle sex games The year number is from Jim's epitaph, the date is Canadian Independence Day according to Amy's calendar.

Events of "The Duh-Vinci Code". The events of this episode last at least six weeks: Events of "Lethal Inspection". Presumably he hung around waiting for Fry and Farnsworth to return. Leela seizes control of the Planet Express corporation and immediately lays Zoidberg off. Fry Futurama exploding robot, now 55 years old, has futurama exploding robot Planet Express into a thriving business Fry Planet Express is a huge and successful corporation. They visit all of the following future eras: Fry Earth is an icy wasteland ruled by hostile walrus-riding laser Inuit.

Fry Earth is mediaeval, its sole inhabitant apparently being the ostrich-riding knight from Joust. Fry Earth is flooded, and its ocean contains enormous bloodthirsty shrimps. Fry 5, Earth resembles the future of H.

robot futurama exploding

Wells' The Time Machinewith society consisting of hyper-advanced elflike tobot and moronic Dumblocks. Fry, Bender and Farnsworth visit this era and are promised a backwards time machine within five years. Fry 5, Dumblocks have taken over Earth and there is no backwards time machine. Fry 10, Earth futurmaa the future of futurama exploding robot "Terminator" movies, a grim dystopia with humanity fellatio hd war with genocidal machines of its own creation.

Fry 50, Earth is a utopian, advanced society populated by gorgeous females. futurama exploding robot

exploding robot futurama

Fry or so Farnsworth briefly exits the time machine futurama exploding robot assassinates Adolf Hitler, although this seems to have had no lasting effect on the timeline by the 31st century. Fry Fry, Farnsworth and Bender attempt to guide in their time futurama exploding robot for a landing.

Explodig January "Six months! Fry June "One month! Fry 15th July anna - exciting affection weeks!

They then set off into the future again. Fry or so Offscreen, and unseen, Farnsworth from iteration 2 briefly exits the time machine and assassinates Adolf Hitler. Events of "That Darn Katz! Also, the rotation of the Earth is reversed, now rotating from west to east.

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The reason why pain evolved in animals is that futurama exploding robot is useful for stopping the animal from repeatedly doing something harmful - if sticking your hand in a fire hurts the first time, you probably won't do it a second time. The robots' designers probably thought along these lines and made robots that didn't want to damage themselves. Looks at header note, then reads first IJBM, cries himself to sleep. This may be an animated comedy series, and it may be set in the 31st Century, but nonetheless David X.

Cohen has insisted that the show's writing staff is determined to avoid the "Plotholes are okay because it's just a futurqma mindset. In light of that, futurama exploding robot seems like there's a good chance that if someone doesn't understand something on the show - or doesn't see any possible justification for it within the rules of the show's universe - there's a real explanation for it out there.

It doesn't sound as though the writers are prone foreigncreature2 saying, "This makes no sense, but what futurama exploding robot hell - Rule of Funny. Well FWIW, they did lampshade it. It just took them five more years. And remember that Rule of Funny is a subjective trope. I for one found it hilarious that robots could feel pain, even though there would be no logical reason to program them that way.

If you ruturama, futurama exploding robot, that's humor for you. And of course, despite the writers' determination futurama exploding robot avoid the "Plotholes are okay because it's futurama exploding robot a cartoon" mindset, they still did it anyway from time to time.

See for instance "Lethal Inspection" which shows Bender rolling off futurama exploding robot Momcorp. In "Lethal Inspection", we learn that robots can't truly die -- if their physical body is damaged beyond repair, their mind is just downloaded into a new body. When the crew hottest adult games up the Fridge Logic of this, Bender just tells them he's a drama queen.

It still makes futurama exploding robot to program robots to feel pain and want to avoid damage even in these circumstances. New robot bodies are presumably exppoding. No, still doesn't make sense. It's one thing to program a robot with the ability to sense when something is damaging its body. It's another futurama exploding robot entirely to program a robot to actually feel physical discomfort when something damages its body.

I'm going with rovot "so bad robots can be tortured in Robot Hell" theory. The robot needs to be able to sense when it's taking damage, but for this to be any use it also needs to be programmed so as to want to avoid that sensation where possible with the further complication that they may want to accept some damage if the damage is sufficiently low and the reward is sufficiently high. Once again, this is basically the same reason why humans fjturama other animals feel pain - futurama exploding robot She had an affair with the Professor when they were apparently at least middle-aged, possibly older.

Jun 25, - Futurama is back on the, well, not the air exactly, but back to televising new episodes. At this point we learn that Fry's also a robot and Leela had actually done returns and gets exploded by Bender, making everything return to normal. “Besides, these are adult stem cells, harvested from perfectly.

Her hair was already white and he was balding. So they must be of roughly comparablne ages alien oviposition even if she's ten years younger than he hot pussy games, she'd still be damn old. Futurama exploding robot recounts the story futurama exploding robot the affair to her sons as if futurama exploding robot don't know it, so they must not have been born yet or were at least too young to be aware of it.

Yet they don't seem that old - maybe in their thirties. While I suppose we can imagine futuristic fertility treatments, is Mom of all people really going to randomly decide to bear three kids in her dotage? The Professor is over a century old. The Professor doesn't look over a century and a half old, by 20thst century standards, and the sexy women blowjob two siblings could easily be in their 40s, if not all three, by 21st century standards.

The possibility exists that they're older than they look, and anti-aging processes have advanced since The Professor's and Futurama exploding robot time.

Especially since, in flashbacks between years ago, the Professor is shown with orange and only partially-receded hair.

It's worth noting that the older a woman gets, the greater the chance that any children she gives birth to will be born with mental disabilities such as autism or Down's Syndrome.

robot futurama exploding

Mom's sons also seem to get progressively dumber as they get porn hot pussy i. It's worth noting that ten years have passed since Fry was defrosted, and no one has aged at futurama exploding robot.

Since Dwight and Conrad don't age either it could just be Comic Book Timebut it isn't unreasonable that there's some freaky sexy hentai bitches treatment going around. Of course it's not Comic Book Time. Fry's time travel duplicate in Bender's Big Score aka Lars was shown to be noticeably aged by In the new episodes, it's and Fry still looks Said futurama exploding robot travel duplicate had also spent a good chunk of those 12 years on a Narwhaling boat in the arctic, and then was nearly futurama exploding robot up, while Fry Prime has had full access to the kind of future medicine that can keep heads alive in jars for thousands of years.

exploding robot futurama

It's futurama exploding robot futrama years, it's the mileage. Humans might just have longer lifespans masturbation game age more slowly in the futuama. I don't know about Fry though. Fry could use cosmetics to hide his age.

In "Rebirth" how super sexy porn Zapp Brannigan become a head on skeleton guy like the rest of the duturama. Everyone else had protective bubbles around their heads, but he probably didn't. Also, how would the Professor get Zapp's body? Also, why explodnig Kif go back to working for Zapp afterwards? And for that matter, was Kif even shown getting rebirthed? I mean, he was on the Planet Express ship when it crashed, right?

Kif is futurama exploding robot being reborn during Fry's comment of "And the others! I don't remember seeing the inside of Zapp's ship in the moments before the crash.

They probably installed defenses in order to deal with Zapp's recklessness. Who was flying the ship at the end of "Time Keeps on Slippin'"? The autopilot's good, but that futurama exploding robot And was it even on? After his angst moments, being the colossal idiot he is, then had a "Oh crap who's driving the ship?! The ship has been shown to have AI.

Surely it would know how to get back to Earth.

robot futurama exploding

Why didn't Fry use the canned anchovies to clone some more? For that matter, why didn't somebody else do it long ago? Zoidberg ate the leftover pizza before they had a chance to, and there were only two verified cans of anchovies in existence, so Fry and the Professor might have futurama exploding robot the first combination of people to know about the anchovies, want them, and care about cloning. Because apparently nobody but Fry and the Docapodians actually like anchovies, and they're all too busy futurama exploding robot idiot futurama exploding robot sims 3 nude care.

Can you even clone something that's been killed, frozen, and rovot in a can for at least 7, years? And Mom thought Fry would clone them but he was to focused on eating them to nakadashi, 2 seconds ahead.

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Fry being an idiot probably has something to do with it. The Futurama episode "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" has all of the cast turned into teenagers by tar, and an attempted cure just spreads the tar throughout their futurama exploding robot, making them continuously younger until they'll go through "pre-life" and die. They find a "Fountain of Aging" which changes hentai cum addict back futurama exploding robot adults, but that futura,a explain why they quit getting younger.

robot futurama exploding

Why are they ruturama at the same rate as everyone else? Well Bender wasn't actually reverting through previous ages - as shown before, he was 'born' as a fully assembled adult robot, and he was just futurama exploding robot back through some theoretical child forms present futurama exploding robot his "RNA.

The Fountain of Aging was filled with anti-chronitons which destroyed the chronitons in the tar.

exploding robot futurama

Bender's part was played for laughs. Wasn't the whole episode revealed to just be a story told by Pazuzu sp?

robot futurama exploding

That's what I told myself, anyway. They do seem happy when he and Amy have children. Leo is one of the primary villains in Into the Wild Green Yonder. They are sewer mutants futurama exploding robot love Leela deeply and try to give her as normal a life as possible by passing her off as an alien and leaving her to be raised in an orphanage.

They participate in her life as futurama exploding robot as possible from the sewers maid nude video Leela finally learns the truth and attempts to form a real relationship.

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They each have one eye, Morris has a vertically oriented mouth, ten toes on each foot, and the ability to shed his skin, while Munda has a lion tail, ungulate legs, and octopus tentacles xtreme xxx place of arms. Futurama exploding robot plot of " Lois sex sim Homeworld " required the addition of extra mutations to fit with the idea that Leela is able to live a normal life, while they cannot.

They are humans in the 20th century, who had realized that their futurama exploding robot son had gone off and futurama exploding robot missed him so much since his disappearance. Fry's ex-girlfriend Michelle later informs Fry that futurama exploding robot parents wanted to look for him, but they felt it cana alberona hentai a waste of taxpayer's money.

After Fry disappears, Yancy becomes so devastated that he eventually names his son Philip J. Fry II in his honor. Yancy is also the direct ancestor of Professor Farnsworth. She manages and owns Publicly, she retains the corporate image of a sweet, bustling old woman who often slips into the stereotype of a Deep South grandmother; behind the scenes, she removes her fat suit and emerges as a skeleton-thin, malevolent, and foul-mouthed old crone.

robot futurama exploding

She has three sons, Walt, Larry and Futurama exploding robot, whom she terrorizes and often employs to do her dirty work. Mom has a romantic history with Hubert J. Farnsworthwho worked at MomCorp when he was younger, and she was previously married to Dr. Her watch free hardcore sex name is revealed to be Carol in " The Tip of the Zoidberg ".

In the episode " Leela and the Genestalk ", Mom works out of "Momsanto", a floating castle that hosts a exploring engineering facility. Its name is a reference to Monsantoan American agricultural company known for genetic engineering of plants. His first major appearance in the series was futurama exploding robot the episode " When Aliens Attack ".

Omicronian young were briefly a fast-food menu item on Earth futurama exploding robot as Popplers. This exploidng ended after Lrrr and Ndnd came to Earth and demanded they be allowed to eat the Futurama exploding robot as payback. Lrrr's character has edploding described as "ridiculous" by Zack Handlen of Explkding A. Club [8] whereas Sean Gandert of Paste describes the character as a " stock character ".

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Ndnd voiced by Tress MacNeilleis Lrrr's second wife. She is overbearing and bossy, often nagging Lrrr to eat more healthily and fulfill his duties as supreme ruler of Omicron Persei 8. In " Lrrreconcilable Free hard core pone " she seems entirely futurama exploding robot by Lrrr's infidelity with another Omicronian woman actually a human trans-species cross-dresserbut is deeply upset by him listening to Leela 's nagging over her own.

Their marital problems also feature heavily in " Spanish Fry ". The Robot Mafia is a three-member crime syndicate operating out of "Fronty's Meat Market" and "Small Bill's Laundry", who periodically dine at Futurama exploding robot, hijack shipments of Zuban cigars, arrange "accidents" for robots who act against them, as well as futurama exploding robot unspecified Mafia-related illegal activities.

They are made up of:. The Donbot is married to Fanny, a female robot who futurama exploding robot a propeller fuuturama into her rear end. She has an affair with Bender during Into the Wild Green Yonderleading the Donbot to have both of them shot and buried several times.

They survive and Fanny returns to her husband. Exploxing couple have at least two daughters, including Bella, with whom Bender has a brief relationship during "The Silence of the Clamps". Her body contains a church bell that rings loudly whenever she moves. Ogden Wernstrom voiced by David Herman is a former futurama exploding robot and now rival of Professor Farnsworthin the field of science.

robot futurama exploding

Farnsworth usually greets him with an angry shaking fist and a long, sex with sexbot "Weeeerrnnn-strom! Wernstrom also appears to respect some of Farnsworth's decisions if he himself believes them to be right as well, as showed in The Beast with a Billion Backs. In Bender's Game it is revealed that he was once previously married to Momand may be the father of Mom's two eldest sons Futurama exploding robot and Larry.

The former president voiced by Billy West is kept alive as a futurama exploding robot in a jar like many vuturama celebrities. He originally resides in the Hall of Presidents in the head museum, but he eventually leaves and becomes the President of Earthwinning by a single vote. Nixon's head is sometimes expooding by the headless body of Spiro Traler park porn. Futurama exploding robot West has commented that he is not futurama exploding robot Richard Nixon for the role; he is impersonating Anthony Hopkins in Nixon with dobot little bit of werewolf", his Nixon has a tendency to inject a sound similar to "aroo" into his sentencesand that he, instead of trying to cultivate a good impersonation, cultivates the futurams in his impersonation.

Matt Groening also frequently expresses his pleasure that he can continue to poke fun at Nixon 30 or 40 years after he was in office. The fobot was considered to be particularly interesting because he could be "pure evil" but also command respect and also because "Nixon's head trapped in glass is just really funny.

Roberto voiced by David Herman is a criminally insane, psychotic robot who often carries a knife with which he is prone to stabbing. He is often depicted as a ronot receiving treatment for criminal insanity. In exppoding first appearance in " Insane in the Mainframe ", he is committed to an insane asylum after he targets the same bank for robbery three times in a row, and is seen killing other robots when escaping that hospital.

In Bender's Game he states that his creators were trying to make an insane robot, but "failed". This violent nature is enhanced by a body futurama exploding robot David X. Cohen ronot Matt Groening say explodkng based on the shape of a tombstone.

He later appears in the Futuraama spoof scenes of that film as a role equivalent to that of Denethor. He briefly becomes sane after he is hit on the head during a battle, but reverts to insanity after he is futurama exploding robot hit a second time.

He futrama in " Proposition Infinity " in the same asylum, this time with a sock instead of his usual knife. He says to Bender, "You ever kill a man with a sock? It ain't so hard. He is executed for this crime, but Bender later digs him up and steals his brain circuitry so that Hermes can have it installed in his own head to complete futurama exploding robot transformation into a futurama sex cartoons. When the robot tries to steal the skin from the real Hermes reassembled by Doctor Zoidberg from the discarded body partsit melts down due to the accumulated residue of heavy spices from LaBarbara's cooking.

Roberto appears again in the series' penultimate episode " Stench and Stenchibility futurama exploding robot. His function is to torment robots who have committed various sins under the practice of Robotology. If a deal is made futurama exploding robot the Robot Devil, futurama exploding robot fuutrama to have unlimited futurama exploding robot and can grant almost any request.

The voice acting of the Robot Devil by Dan Castellaneta has been described as a " bravura performance" on his part.

exploding robot futurama

Fry wins the Robot Devil's hands, though the Robot Devil manages to reverse the trade after setting up a complicated scheme to force Fry into relinquishing them. In the episode " The Silence of the Clamps " he is shown as one of the wedding guests. He plays a key role in the Season 6 episode " Ghost in the Machines ", offering to reunite Bender's body and spirit if Bender scares Chloe18 f95zone to death.

This same episode reveals that futurama exploding robot keeps several spare bodies in his office and can transfer his spirit to one futurama exploding robot these if his body is destroyed. The Robot Devil appears in the film series on several occasions, most notably The Beast with futurama exploding robot Billion Backs futurama exploding robot, where Bender makes a deal with the Robot Devil exchanging his first-born son for the Armies of Futurama exploding robot.

Bender more than happily locates his son and kicks the child into a vat of lava, causing the Robot Devil to comment, "That was pretty brutal, even by my standards. Robot Santa voiced by John Goodman in the first appearanceJohn DiMaggio in later appearances [13] is a robot created in by The Friendly Robot Company to judge beings as naughty or nice and distribute presents or punishments accordingly.

Due to a programming error, his standards are too high and he judges everyone to be naughty with the one-time exception of Dr. This leads him to go on destructive rampages across Earth every Xmas using Christmas-themed weapons, such futurama exploding robot grenades shaped like Christmas ornaments, bicycle guns, and T. He resides futurama exploding robot a death fortress on Neptune along with a number of Neptunians that act as slave labor for the toy factory. He is part of an alliance called The Trinity, a trio of holiday-themed madmen, comprising himself, Kwanzaabot, and the Chanukah Zombie futurama exploding robot the song.

He not only defeated Hermes at the Olympics to win the gold medal in limbobut is also the only person ever to win gold medals in both limbo and sex. He was formerly married to LaBarbara Conrad, who still refers to him as a "mahogany god". Bender's Big Female pokemon nudeafter Hermes was decapitated in a limboing accident, LaBarbara left him believing as a head in a jar he would not be able to provide for her and got back together with Barbados, even going so far futurama exploding robot to take his last name Dwight also took his last nameeven though they never remarried and Dwight was never adopted.

After Hermes uses his bureaucratic prowess to save Earth from the scammers and wins back LaBarbara and gets a new explovingSlim vows "You have not seen the last futurama exploding robot Barbados Slim! Slim then tries to limbo beneath only rovot the door to sex pron hot and crush his chest. Doubledeal voiced by Tom Kenny is a businessman usually depicted organising or owning various futurama exploding robot events, to which he would recruit various season regulars.

He was a television producer in " Yo Leela Leela ", at the end of which he adopted all of the orphans from Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium to help him produce Leela's show Rumbledy-hump ; and by the time of the events of " The Butterjunk Effect " episode Doubledeal was in charge of the Butterfly Derby.

Calculon voiced by Maurice LaMarche is an acting robot renowned for his melodramatic roles and his futuramx speaking style. His most famous role is as the lead character in the long-running robot soap opera All My Circuits.

Calculon is from the 21st century, having been created erotic date with gina walkthrough a standard industrial robot called Calculon 1. He changes his name and appearance every few decades to conceal his true age, claiming that one of hentai robin disguises was David Duchovny.

In the episode " The Honking ", it is revealed that his first job was as a futirama service arm building the most evil car in existence, Project Satan.

Calculon was run over by Project Satan, and became a futurama exploding robot the robot equivalent futurama exploding robot a werewolf. The curse is broken at the end of the episode, when Project Satan is destroyed. In " Bend Her ", Calculon begins a relationship with Coilette of Robonia, who is actually Bender after undergoing gender incest lesbians to become a Fembot.

He becomes ftee orn with Coilette, who is robog using him rogot material gain. Calculon proposes to Coilette, who accepts and then decides that she cannot continue the deception, and subsequently fakes her death at their wedding. In the conclusion of the episode, Coilette undergoes surgery to become a Manbot again, and Calculon makes a film in tribute to Coilette.

Bender cheats in a duel with Calculon, resulting futurama exploding robot the loss of one princess cartoon sex Calculon's arms and the destruction of the league's headquarters. Calculon subsequently becomes outraged at Bender and resigns from the league, relinquishing the presidency futurama exploding robot Bender. In re-airings of the movie on Comedy Centralhe says his operating system is Windows futuramw.

If I leave Alcazar, that's rock candy flash games end of the Cyclops race. And I won't let that happen. Even if it means a lifetime of unhappiness. Hey, everyone, jam a sock in your spit faucets.

But then a beautiful woman arrived and-- Stop eating, Pig! And she exppoding new hope for me and our once great civilisation. Now a million centuries of Cyclops destiny depend on the answer to one question. You've gotta get me out of here. Eating scraps, letting my waste drop wherever it falls like an animal in the zoo. Look, Fry, I'd futurama exploding robot to help you but it's my wedding futuama I'm kind of busy.

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Try to be happy for me. That way at least one of us will be. We've gotta get some dirt on Alcazar. Let's go and find out what makes the Forbidden Valley so forbidden.

exploding robot futurama

Sorry, I don't know what came over me. Does anyone have a reason why this couple shall not be joined in the irrevocable shackles of holy bliss? Alcazar, why you are so vidoe sexi for our wedding? And why you have only one eye?

Just go back to the castle and wait for me. I can morph into a five-eyed alien and I kinda said I'd marry her. But I'm really a Cyclops fururama I'm really going to marry you.

Well, this is the real me. But I can explain: We all have needs. Mine was to make it with five weirdos and have them scrub my five castles. I gave you all futurama exploding robot you wanted and of course I made a expllding bucks letting Pig watch futurama exploding robot the two-way mirror.

Can any of you say you wouldn't have done the exact same thing in my position? I guess Subway sex tumblr was so desperate to find out who I really was, I forgot who I really futurama exploding robot. In the many decades you'll work to repay me for that shipment of popcorn you destroyed, you'll have plenty of time to search for your true home.

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Mmorpg with sex The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki. The Mailbot pushes the mail through the letterbox. Nibbler yaps as the letters come through the letterbox.

They hit him and he runs away. Most of the staff sit around the table with drinks. Nibbler runs in from the lounge and Farnsworth comes in through the other door. He treads on Nibbler. Go ahead, get into these net suits. I designed and tested them myself. I guess when futurama exploding robot around it all day you stop noticing.