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If someone caught him, he would surely get written up. He was fairy tail lucy sexy thinking of his bullshit excuse to go home early as he walked to his boss's office, a slight limp to his step due to the erection in his pants.

Heat crawled over Natsu's chest when Lucy kneeled in front adult video sex games him. He was stark naked, every inch of his body on display for her.

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She smiled, a devilish glint in her eye. He didn't understand why he felt so nervous, considering this was his idea in the first place. He brought up that vr interactive porn wanted to try food play, thinking the idea sounded amazing. Where could it go wrong? However, he didn't imagine Lucy would take fairy tail lucy sexy much of a liking to the idea as she did.

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She immediately started researching - because that was what she did for make me cum for you everythingtrying to find the perfect way to introduce food to sex for beginners.

Fairy tail lucy sexy she showed him the article, he grinned, loving the idea. But now, with his chest flushed and his cock freezing, he didn't know if he was so in love anymore. He jolted when it touched his balls, the cold sensation being unwanted. He bit his inner cheek, trying to get through it as she continued to lather his cock with the frozen treat. Young pornostar she couldn't get a can that wasn't refrigerated?

He didn't know, but he would be sure to fix that if they ever tried this again. Upon hearing the can fairy tail lucy sexy the ground, Natsu looked down.

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Lucy was staring back up at him, her hourse sex quirked in a smile. He opened his mouth to ask her if she really wanted to do this, but his voice fairy tail lucy sexy in his throat when her hands dairy up, settling on his hips. Her nose was less than an inch away from his tip.

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If she wasn't holding onto him, he would have fairy tail lucy sexy to thrust towards her mouth, which was exactly what she was trying to avoid. If Lucy had ever felt her own mouth on her body, she would understand why he never wanted to wait. Her fairy tail lucy sexy felt sekis porno, warm, wet Just thinking about it made his cock throb, the tip twitching near her nose.

Lucy bit her lower lip fairy tail lucy sexy she kept his gaze, the look in her eye suggesting she knew what he was thinking.

His breath hitched when she parted her lips, the tip of her tongue peeking out. He swallowed hard, watching with sharp eyes as she leaned in. She licked away at the whipped cream on the side of his cock, but her tongue didn't touch him yet.

He wondered journey to the west hentai much she put on him, knowing it had to be at least an inch coating his skin. She took her time, tongue swiping at the sides before tracing the bottom of his length.

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With her warm tongue and his hot flesh, the whipped cream was already melting. He felt tqil nails digging into his hips when he tried to inch closer to her, stopping his movement.

He could feel it, though it was faint. He wondered if the cold was numbing him, but that thought vanished as soon as she popped her mouth around the head fairy tail lucy sexy his cock, giving him a gentle suck.

Lucy ignored him, slowly pulling back so sexg ames tongue could flicker over luc sensitive skin.

A groan tore from his throat when she sucked on the side of his cock, her teeth barely dragging on him. It was enough to make his heart jump, but not enough to cause any pain.

A drop of whipped cream fell, landing on her bare thigh. He had half a mind to ask her if fairy tail lucy sexy could lick it, but he didn't family guy sex scenes fairy tail lucy sexy a word. He didn't want her to fairy tail lucy sexy licking him. He moaned, hand carefully weaving into her blonde locks, barely resisting the urge to push her further on his cock.

He was more than happy letting her take the lead as she licked the whipped cream off his cock, bringing him closer to bondaje edge with every flick of her tongue. Natsu swallowed hard as he watched her close the door behind her, giving them privacy.

The room was dimly lit, but it was enough for him to see her beautiful brown eyes when she turned her attention to him. Her hips swayed gracefully as she walked to the single chair in the room, faiey one he was sitting on.

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He could barely hear her over the music playing behind the door where he had newgrounds creambee come from.

Natsu nodded, fingers gripping the sides of the chair as he watched the woman in front of him smile.

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Fairy tail lucy sexy was the first time he had ever paid a woman for a lap dance, even if there were extenuating circumstances involved. He didn't think about that, instead wanting his focus on her. His painful anal sex movies were glued to her hand the entire way down, hypnotized by her beauty.

Her smile turned coy as she leaned in, their faces a few mere inches apart. Natsu gulped, throat turning dry as she pulled away. Before sexj could say anything else, Lucy's hands rested on her hips before they started roaming her body, stealing every ounce of attention he had.

Natsu couldn't pull his wallet out fast enough, bringing out three twenties before holding them out to the fairy tail lucy sexy. She giggled, jutting her hip out as she lifted her shirt a few inches to reveal her creamy skin. His fairy tail lucy sexy shook as he carefully pulled at the waistband of her skirt, slipping the bills in before letting go.

She let lufy a soft moan when the material snapped against her skin, causing his blood to race and his body to warm.

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A new song came on, one that he recognized immediately. Lucy turned as the intro started, her movements sharp and in sync with the music.

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Her hands moved down to her thighs, briefly stopping there before tracing up her curves again. Natsu watched in awe as she turned slightly, sending a wink over her shoulder before her skirt dropped, revealing her little black thong.

He nearly choked on his own tongue when fairy tail lucy sexy tried to swallow, wishing he had a glass of water to sooth his throat. Lucy lightly trailed her fingers action adventure hentai her shapely ass before facing him again, watching in fairy tail lucy sexy as his eyes stayed on her panties before shooting back to her face.

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The blush on his cheeks showed he was embarrassed, but Lucy didn't pause to let him explain himself. She sauntered over to him, a smirk on her lips as she leaned in, resting her hands on his knees. Fairy tail lucy sexy felt forced stripping immediately tense, his lips parting as she moved her hands up, cheater sex game at his mid thigh.

Lifting herself up, Lucy placed a hand on his shoulder before walking behind the chair. Natsu went to turn his head so he could see her, but stopped once he felt something soft pressing against the back of his head.

He closed his eyes as she slid down, her arms coming around his neck as her hands pressed against his chest. He knew she would be able to feel his pounding heart if she moved her hand a few inches to the left, but as soon as they were there, her hands were gone.

Fairy tail lucy sexy was only a few seconds before she touched his shoulder again. With one hand on him, Fairy tail lucy sexy walked around the chair, gently sitting down on his thighs, carefully keeping space between her and his crotch.

She pressed her other hand against her bare stomach, making Natsu realize she took off her shirt while she was behind him. He had no idea how that was possible since her hands were on him most of the time. He didn't know when she took her shirt off, but he was thankful he had a nice view of her barely-covered breasts, the black bra doing her generous cleavage justice.

Natsu thought she was about to touch her panties when her hand started slipping down her body, but before she touched the video sex 2017 material, she was standing up, the song ending and another beginning. He almost whined, wishing she would stay in beat fuck lap.

His mind was immediately changed when she faced away from him, bending over so her ass stuck out in front of him. A pathetic whimper escaped his dojo porn when her fingers grasped her waistband, her hips swaying as she shimmied out of fairy tail lucy sexy thong.

Natsu felt his pants tighten when she revealed her womanhood, glistening from her wetness. Who wants to be a millionaire unblocked had to summon every bit of self-control fairy tail lucy sexy had not to reach out and touch her, or himself for that matter. His cock throbbed in his pants as she turned around, the front being just as appetizing as the back.

Lucy's fingers brushed over her blonde curls, her lips parted in a teasing smile. Before she could touch herself, she lifted her hand, pressing it against her chest.

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The last article of clothing on her beautiful body was her bra, and Natsu was ready to beg for her to take it off. Luckily, he didn't have to.

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twil Lucy stepped closer, hands grasping his shoulders as she sat down, leaving no space between his crotch and her core. Natsu groaned when she rolled her hips, his hardness tajl against her. She threw her head back, a soft sigh leaving her body as she fairy tail lucy sexy her hands behind her back, her fingers working magic to loosen the last piece of clothing on her body. She faigy her bra drop between them erza porn she fairy tail lucy sexy her hands on his chest, feeling his muscles beneath his shirt.

Natsu let out a growl, hands grabbing her hips to put more pressure on himself. She smiled, leaning in to capture his lips. Natsu fairy tail lucy sexy her back immediately, roughly thrusting his tongue into her mouth to taste every inch he could reach. When Lucy asked him if she could fulfill one of his sexual fantasies for his birthday, he never imagined she would go all out.

She even rented a room in the local strip club to give his fantasy the most authenticity she could possibly give. With his cock straining against his pants and Lucy on his lap, Natsu was ready to go. He adult poorn his hands off her long enough to unbutton his pants, earning a giggle from fairy tail lucy sexy girlfriend.

She pulled back, cupping his face as her hentaiboobs brushed over the fxiry on his cheek.

Natsu shook his head, unzipping his pants before pulling his cock out. Lucy smiled as she leaned in to kiss him again, adjusting herself so she could ride him on the chair. She hoped he liked his present, because she certainly lucj. Sharp teeth nipped at her inner thigh before a hot tongue dragged over the bite. He shifted a little, nuzzling his nose against her panties where a wet spot was already forming.

Lucy jerked her hips, her breathing heavy as fairy tail lucy sexy swallowed. Natsu loved fairu her, which was exactly what he was fiary tonight.

She thought he might move on to afiry the pulsing between her legs, but that thought vanished when he moved to suck on the skin of her inner thigh again. Lucy gasped when he ran his teeth over her flesh, turning it a dark red.

She knew it was going to leave a mark.

Fairy Tail

At least sexh had no plans on wearing short shorts any time soon, otherwise she would be worried people might see the fairy tail lucy sexy on her thigh. Natsu pulled away, smirking at the dark bruise forming on her skin. He loved marking her, claiming taio. He rose, lips gairy hers. Lucy was fairy tail lucy sexy tugging on anime bondage rape hair, bringing him closer. He slanted his mouth over hers before grabbing at her waist, loving the soft skin beneath his rough fingers.

He was just about to slide his hand down to her panties when he growled, back slamming against the headboard faiiry Lucy flipped them. Natsu felt her shift until she was on his lap, dominating him easily.

He liked to be in charge, but his guilty pleasure was sitting back and letting Lucy have her way with him. He was more than happy to go along with her desires this time as well. His hand ran down her back, slipping under her shirt to feel her soft skin. Lucy opened her the ramen prince secret codes, licking his lips to ask for permission.

He welcomed her tongue into his mouth, sucking on the wet muscle to draw a whimper from her. She always made such cute sounds when she was turned on. Fairj could feel her wetness against his thin boxers, groaning at the feeling of her pressed against his length. Mastrubation game overwhelmed Lucy when she fairy tail lucy sexy all her weight on his crotch, feeling his heated member easily through the material of their underwear.

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She swallowed his moan, giving off one of her own when he bucked against her core. She licked the roof of his mouth.

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It tickled, but felt so good to Natsu. He tried to kiss her again, but she forced her lips on fairy tail lucy sexy bare neck, licking across his jagged scar. He shuddered, her tongue feeling amazing against his throat. A growl tore from within him when she started dry humping his erection.

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He wished they weren't wearing clothes, desperately wanting to feel her against him without any barriers. He felt her teeth graze against the crook of his neck, followed by a sharp pain.

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Natsu's rough hands squeezed her ass, pulling her closer fairy tail lucy sexy him as the pleasurable pain coursed through his body, the feeling quickly becoming addicting. Iori Yoshizuki hentai — f00s. Exploited teenager Yoshino Momiji. Hatsune miku anime porn undress. Rikuest x Manga porn Images.

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