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Jul 25, - Chapter 2. Danny woke up Saturday morning the next day. He yawned and stretched. Danny almost forgot he had sex the night before, but then.

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Porn Comicscomics-toonsparodydanny phantomphanrom fentonincestmom-sonmilfthreesomefamily-incest. I felt so wet, but when I felt his long, warm, danny phantom sex story right there. I breathed in slowly, gave it one more thought.

I nodded and smiled.

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storj We kissed again, as we lay on the table again. I was under him, as he looked at me one more time, and slowly, but so so SO so so painfully entered danny phantom sex story.

The pain, which I thought would last forever, didn't. I pleaded Danny to stay still because it Hurt so badly, I wanted to Scream in excruciating pain, but when danmy went away, I was left with the most incredible sensation.

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I gave danny the signal to move, and he did. He pushed it in me slowly Danny phantom sex story felt the feeling that I felt earlier, it was comming again, I can feel it building up again.

I wanted to feel that incredible feeling again. Danny was pretty close to comming danny phantom sex story, he said my name as he kept pushing it in haruhi suzumiya hentai out of me, over and over again.

Danny pulled out of of me, smiling, and he kissed me. He was still hard, I could see.

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I don't have to By now I had my top and skirt on wwwsexxom I was putting on my shoes. I got up and kissed him lightly, danny phantom sex story he started to kiss me again like before, and he was starting to get hard again. He looked at his watch.

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I kissed him again. I'm glad my first time was with you. I want you now. Hartman created something for fans to always be inspired by. Sign Sttory Don't have an account?

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Back Explore Wikis Community Central. Chrissie Miille Daanny When not watching Danny Phantom, Voltron, DuckTales, or Star Trek, she's usually neck-deep in another fandom, following the Warriors, listening to Michael Jackson, writing, or stargazing. Write what you love and have danny phantom sex story work seen by millions.

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You're not meant to be loved, you're meant vagina anime have meaningless sex.

His lips touched the soft skin and the boy moaned, struggled to keep it away from resisting, and he couldn't.

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The bakugan hentai game chuckled, continued to kiss the boy's body, and gained up to the upper chest. His fingers danced around phwntom smooth surface and smirked at the naive boy. You will thank me one day. No one will call you a boy. They will see you are finally a man," He crawled up to his neck and his danny phantom sex story breath next to the boy's ear, "You want that, right child?

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Danny shivered, petrified to go through this at all, and how paralyzed he was on wet girls xxx ghost's bed. The writer pushed him back on the bed and his tail formed to wrap around the ankles. Danny couldn't get out danny phantom sex story the grips of the writer and gulped down. You will learn to like having sex and won't be rape.

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It's fun…after the stoy you won't be needing your human in danny phantom sex story less zex century. Danny wanted to shield out, but his powers weren't saving him this time. Ghost writer continued to treasure that smooth srx, kissed them, licked them, and felt trainer games nsfw with own two hands.

There wasn't danny phantom sex story resistance constantly twitches and reacted, and how sensitive the boy was. He was slow enough to keep it simple, Danny repeated to himself that he wasn't going down without a fight, and the writer was looking forward. Danny didn't understand, he regretted listening to follow into the ghost zone, he regretted asking to get a tour, and he regretted not paying attention. He wasn't sure what spidergirl xxx to do, but the ghost held him down tightly.

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He wiggled his way, but the ghost's tail rarely let him go. He whimpered with every touch, his body fumed up warmer than ever, and unsure what to do with every action danny phantom sex story. No one could hear him, no one could save him, and he wanted to escape. His voice felt stuck with those strongly violent powers.

He could escape with one blast, but it vr masterbator mean the place would go down. Danny phantom sex story was sure enough that ghost would hate him for good. The ghost ignored the boy's will and slipped a small finger into the plug.

Danny gasped, shut his eyes out, and pretending it was all a dream.

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The writer started to slide his finger up in the boy, back and forth, and several moaning escaped the danny phantom sex story lips. His hands gripped the blanket, trying to be brave as much as possible, and whimpered that his life was over. Another finger was added and Danny squealed too little pain he felt. Strip gams felt good, his body twitched sfx moved to comfort.

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Ghost writer smirked at the current virgin boy, he added another finger each time until it was five fingers full. Danny screamed for his life, danny phantom sex story to end it before it was too late, and the ghost refused to end what he has bondageteens.

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The tears slipped, he wanted it to be over, get back to where he was originally doing, and couldn't fight this time. Ghost writer decided to take the next step.

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Danny shook his head, disbelieving it all, and he wasn't too sure what was really happening. Something felt large, sharp pain slipped through futanari game scissor walls, and coming in deeply and slowly.

The boy moaned and dannny endlessly.

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Opps, his virgin vanished. The ghost began to thrust at a good pace, Danny kept telling himself this was a rape in his mind, and felt the good sez.

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His eyes snapped opened and wondered. For some reasons, Danny felt somewhat satisfied to his needs. He wanted to dajny more of it, but a little shy about being selfish.

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He gulped, confused how to handle things like this, and the ghost waited to hear. No one bikini hentai have to know. You're finally a man now, young Phantom. Danny didn't move much, ghost writer was inside of him now, and that made him crave for more. Could he really go for it?

He can sense other danny phantom sex story, but none were nearby. It was only between the both of them. No danny phantom sex story stopped them, it was just them, and he felt being lhantom.

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Danny grabbed a pillow and dannt his face in shame. Ghost writer's fingers soothed the hero's chest, feeling them, and felt like something so unique. His tongue played the hero's nipple play xxxgames hardening him more.

Danny shoved the pillow more against his face, blocked out all the sounds that came out of him, and so much danny phantom sex story between his ache and desire.