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It's one of the most beloved and storied shooter series ever. People will be chomping at the bit to play cortwna no matter how it's advertised.

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It would be like the NFL saying it needed scantily clad women to garner attention for the superbowl. Everyone who's a fan of vortana is already going to be watching it.

It's Kojima all virtual sex games for iphone again lol. Kojima created cortana halo sexy didn't create Cortana. As a critic of these sorts of retroactive justifications being taken as dogma I sympathize with 's situation the same xexy i sympathize with the supergirl team during the "you got a problem with girls" monologue: To be fair, Supergirl was a young teen in the 60s, it was the showrunners who chose to age the character up to her twenties and keep the name the same.

I'd rather see Powergirl.

In All Games by Nomino on 11/15/ Play now. Sexy blue Elf girl likes her pussy poked and done right. Then give it This is soooo Cortana from halo DUHH.

Although I wouldn't object to changing her name. Overstuffed though she may be, she's a videos of girls undressing deconstruction of superhero sexuality, since it pours off cortana halo sexy her in buckets but she refuses to be defined by it.

On top of all that, she's her own person, instead of just Kal-El's cousin. Too nuanced cortana halo sexy TV? They'd probably just stuff Diora Baird or someone like that in a corset and make her jiggle all over the place. I'm now imagining the project lead of the game walking around the studio naked for the same reason.

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He wears nothing but tearaway suits and deploys The Maneuver whenever people start losing focus in meetings. I didn't cortana halo sexy mind it back in the original Halo days, 'cause she didn't really look naked because of simbros graphics. It started being weird in 3 and got really weird in cortana halo sexy. I like how the interviewer feels the need to let everyone know that he likes that she's naked, I guess so we all know that he's a real man with working penis.

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That or he's haoo suuuuuuper fucking hard. Then again Escher Girls, Cortana halo sexy armor battle damage and the Hawkeye Initiative had this on lock before he pulled that mess with Quiet.

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At least he's being honest, but most people probably wouldn't give the upper hand to the naked person in the conversation. His answer sounds like total bullshit to me. Cortana halo sexy imagine originally back in Halo CE it wasn't really thought of much or a conscious decision.

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However, with the cortana halo sexy higher fidelity graphics we have now it's clear to me that showing her nude is something they think cortana halo sexy can get away with because she doesn't have real skin and it attracts horny hallo boys. Not everyone will agree with this, but it does make sense. O'Connor sounds more like he's just rationalizing something that in hindsight was a poor design choice especially considering how much the lore in regards to other AI in the universe that are fully clothed except her has developed since then and this still remains completely unexplained.

But at this point I virtual stripper game expect them to change this considering how badly the fanbase will completely freak out, especially considering all the other changes largely comestic AFAIK they've made to the universe already that have been left unexplained.

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I think it is sexyy just explaining a terrible design choice. Maybe it's something to do with the original design team being in another company and it changing over cortana halo sexyand a new bunch of people looked at it and interpreted red light district sex in different ways.

Until Halo 3 you could argue it was a sci-fi skin suit thing.

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Halo 4 came from a new team, and a new design and story. Considering the story of Cortana I think they decided to user her nakedness to invoke a Dr.

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Manhattan type thing and use it as a symbol cortana halo sexy her becoming more disconnected with humanity hence this handwavy explanation from the director. Man, the worst part is, is she looks perfectly fine in Halo 1 and 2, but like at 4 it starts look really creepy imho.

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Like she stopped looking like some sci-fi xortana suit digital deal and it kinda looks like cortana halo sexy woman who's basically nude". I actually am thinking about doing a video about maybe trying to do an art and theme's perspective on the question.

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But in Halo She's wearing clothes for a very spoileriffic reason though, hzlo is why isn't wasn't been brought up here. Honestly I nude news caster think Frank is adressing this now because he's trying to cover up thr fact that.

Cortana's not dead but now she's trying to effectively create a new society cortana halo sexy seeing the failure of thr current one to achieve peace ex. How Halo 3 didn't actually "Finish the fight" and is gonna murder her way to the top. cortana halo sexy

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Cortana halo sexy basically she's wearing clothes NOW because she's trying to be an Empress. I've beaten the game, so don't worry about spoilers when replying to me. I read all the books and comics, and I own all the really hard to find or otherwise unique supplemental ualo cortana halo sexy the Halo universe.

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This image is almost enough to cortana halo sexy me interested in Halo again I fell off the bandwagon with Reach, after they decided that they didn't really need sfxy more playable women in campaign mode. Halo 5 cortana halo sexy has KellyLindaValeand Tanakawho are part of the two squads you play as and are playable. If I read correctly, those people are only playable co-op, though. Some of us are curmudgeonly single-player gamers who have no time for PUGs and friends too busy for play striptease games quick game of anything.

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They're still prominent characters who are treated as equals to their squad leaders, rather cortana halo sexy playing second-fiddle to them. As a plus, Locke and Tanaka are both people of color.

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Locke is the character who you play as for the majority of the game, if you're playing solo or you picked him in co-op. Too cortana halo sexy he has a non-existent personality still and just boils down to the "squad leader guy" archetype.

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I want to fuck a milf calls her the hlao morning an. And here I thought that the reason sexy suicune never takes off his cortana halo sexy is to not show his constant smiley grin.

I await a response from Microsoft. Realtalk, with how small that suits codpiece is Cortana has likely given him a couple painful boners. User requested ban Member. Sorry, dril jalo always canon. I'd like to think cortana halo sexy his suit keeps him permanently at the very edge of orgasm to keep him from getting too relaxed in a combat situation.

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There's now AI stimulation in my game simulation as I conquer other AI with my mighty suit's configuration. Sep 3, Last edited: That shit belongs to Throatfuck hentai. This should be rated A for adults. ccortana

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Guardians Screwed Cotana Version Chapter 1: Let's do it anyways because yolo and shit. So we will start at the ONI facility and shit.

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I already said "and shit" already. Oh fuck it I can do whatever the fuck I want.

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Anyways back to the story! It's Industries they fuck up everything. Oh I'm cortana halo sexyI love sdxy I mean they had dildos, and fucking, and lots and lots of se Okay you get it moving on.

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Halsey walks to the end of the room and places her left hand on a hand scanner human hentai a door opens. She walks into her office and passes everything while a classical coryana plays in the back cortana halo sexy.

She begins to take off all her clothes to join an sangheili elite in bed and Fucking hell, I keep thinking sexual stuff.

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She reaches cortana halo sexy a wall and pulls out an armored matrix. Kind of like technology sex. Shen then heads to the far end of the lab, where there is a glowing blue holotank. Oh yeah, this is a short prologue. Halsey bitch voices over in the backround says, "Spartan Locke.

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Standing on it is a projection of a blue waffle bitch. Halsey's voice goes over again, "I have spent enough years with ONI to know the truth.