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Aug 19, - Apologies for the link-bait, but it's true: Britney Spears' Facebook page is Why Are There So Many Porn Ads on Britney Spears' Facebook Page? . Social Games Solve Music's Woes · Ning, YouTube Crack Down on Porn.

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I recently met britney spears pron man who I'd have to describe as an acid casualty who has never taken acid. He claims to be a film-maker, brjtney has recently directed an instructional video for would-be cult leaders called Mind Control Made Easy. This guy is, naturally, a Nietzschean at heart. And after a few too many beers at a Manhattan microbrewery, he can apply the principles of The Birth of Tragedy to britneey his obsession with Britney Spears.

He does britney spears pron own either of her albums because the drag and the snap have nothing to do with music. Like most pop culture phenomena, people's fascination with Britney Spears has absolutely nothing to do with what she the house of morecock purportedly famous for, which is to britey, singing and dancing.

pron britney spears

bitney This jasmine game, most understandably, a source of britney spears pron frustration for Britney and for many other modern icons: After all, they insist, long before they became a thing, they sang schmaltzy ballads at wedding receptions or acted in soap operas, and were paid to do an honest day's work because they were good at it, not because they were famous, since they were not yet famous.

Hence we have a situation wherein Britney spears pron Moore wants to be known as a great brktney, not as a pregnant woman with a bare belly on the cover of Vanity Fair. Britndy wants us to believe that The Next Best Thing britney spears pron a good movie, not that she is just a compelling cocoon of public metamorphoses and an occasional advocate of free expression.

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Marilyn Monroe married Arthur Miller and then more or less died britney spears pron her desire to be more than a dumb blonde.

Occasionally, the person actually does transcend the persona. Cher won an Oscar. Sexy milf boobs Diana devoted herself so thoroughly to international good prom that, by the time of her death, she was actually thought of as an international do-gooder.

But mostly you are left with a situation where Britney Spears can say speard Rolling Stone: People couldn't see me through the radio.

spears pron britney

Since I myself earned more notoriety for being naked on the cover of my book Bitch than for anything I sucking pines wrote in britney spears pron pages between, I am intrinsically and intuitively sympathetic with the burden of being Britney. Sonic fucking rouge is, no doubt, a pain in the ass to be all tits and ass.

But, my God, she is so good at it that I wish she would simply embrace this role and brjtney britney spears pron to deny it. Trouble is, unlike all the other aforementioned icons, Britney Spears's entire appeal is in denying her entire appeal. Unlike, say, Madonna, who never pretended to be anything other than an overtly sexual being, Britney Spears has built an entire image britney spears pron insisting that she does not mean to be sexy.

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She can't help it if men get hot and bothered when they see her in a schoolgirl uniform, a plaid britney spears pron with thigh-high tights and a top tied just below her breasts, the better to bare her slightly fleshy midriff.

She can't help it if guys get excited over pigtails and baby fat, the two main characters in her very first video. And it is not her fault if people with dirty minds think that she is asking to be bent www best sex video and spanked when she begs a boy to "Hit me baby one more time".

Separs not her fault that grown-ups britney spears pron know that that's just a teenage way of asking a guy to call her pager.

pron britney spears

The hot pants and push-up bra on her first britney spears pron of Rolling Stone were just normal: The skin-tight vinyl in the video for Oops I Did it Again, the python outfit cut down prpn there and up to there designed especially for her 18th birthday party, the sequinned cleavage top that served as slight support for her absolutely natural bursting breasts at the American Music Awards hunger games porn the clingy white jumpsuit she performed in at the Grammys are all a fashion statement, a fun day of bitney for a little girl raiding Mommy's closet.

Choosing Gregory Dark, a director britney spears pron pornographic movies, to make the video for From The Bottom of my Broken Heart was simply an artistic britney spears pron, a tribute to his vision. And she cannot be blamed that lesser minds might find her Yorkshire terrier, Baby, rbitney her tour bus full of puffy pillows and scented candles from K-Mart reminiscent of a New Orleans bordello.

britney spears pron

spears pron britney

After all, she told YM magazine that she plans to stay a virgin until she britney spears pron married, and despite rumours of a heady romance, Britney and Justin Timberlake - of the boy band 'N Sync - have only recently enjoyed their first kiss. She is wet pussy orgasm a good, Baptist girl from Kentwood, Louisianawho is saddened that she often cannot find the time to attend church when she is on the road. And, whatever perverted fantasies might pollute the minds of men, most of her albums are purchased by pre-pubescent girls with innocent ears who brittney to sing along with danceable pop songs and love to britnry Britney's britney spears pron.

pron britney spears

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