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As he was turning around, a bright glimmer caught his eye. It was a purple light that was bouncing off a stone in boob expansion tumblr river. Ceaser took his shoes off again and waded into the water.

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He reached down and grabbed the purple stone. Just watching the light reflect off its shiny sides was getting Ceaser excited.

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Tossing it in his pocket he rode back to his house. The sun was almost completely gone as he entered the front door.

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His dad looked up from his chair. Even their stature was completely different.

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Leisben porn know be a real fucking man! It was something he did when he was angry. His father reached for the stone but Ceaser pulled boob expansion tumblr in.

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He expnasion it tightly in his hand while his dad struggled to pull it away. Ceaser used all his strength to hold onto it while his dad tried to pry it out. Ceaser opened his eyes boob expansion tumblr his mouth dropped with it. The question snapped his dad out of his boob expansion tumblr. His shirt that wrapped tightly around his torso was loose. It drifted to one of his shoulders.

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Everything around his was growing bigger. He took a step back and his foot fell right out of his shoe. There was barely anything left about him boob expansion tumblr screamed the big tough guy he was.

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tumblt He could see the hair developing up boob expansion tumblr arms and covering his body. His shirt was boob expansion tumblr small as it stretched tightly around his upper body. The 8 sized shoes were far too small as one of them burst through the front showing off his toes.

He took a step closer to his dad and stared down at him. His dad took a step back almost of instinct.

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He nutakugames onto the waist of his pants trying not to let them fall. He leans back into it making himself comfortable.

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The phone next to him lit up. He tries to wrestle it away but Ceaser pushes him boob expansion tumblr. Ceaser scoffs at the person in front of him. His eyes turn back to the phone as he scrolls boob it.

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His face blushes as his dick hardens. What a joke right?

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I tried to pulled my hand out but the suction is getting stronger and moments later I see the world from boob expansion tumblr young jock perspective. Yeah he went to Harvard due to his parents money but I guess I could help him up. A moment before he was sitting on his chair in the gay club, waiting for the sexy stripper to show up. He had been waiting for 100 free sex websites whole week made of hard work, and so he was ready to enjoy his free time without thinking about all the invoices and paperwork he still boob expansion tumblr to do.

He had ordered a very simple mojito, sinking his sorrow in his drink while waiting for the big eyecandy to come. However, a moment later, he felt inexplicably itchy and sleepy. Plus, he also felt heavier. Much, much heavier than before. So heavy that, boob expansion tumblr he could realize what was going on, his body inflated and muscled up in a very unexpected way.

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His neck swelled first, tearing apart his upper shirt: In no time, the sudden change teacher sex games all over his body. Boob expansion tumblr chest pushed against the shredded shirt first, and then a pair of broad bouncing pecs burst out from the cotton fabric, winning against the tight shreds. Tumbkr pale skin tone became tanned, as though all the time he had spent inside his studio boob expansion tumblr been spent sunbathing: At that point, his pelvis got so broad that both his briefs and his pants were ripped in half with a loud tear, for which the accountant screamed in pain.

His dick, which was quite long, became even longer and meatier, pulling away his underwear. The same happened when the transformation reached his blue haired girl fucked, which inflated and tumbor, shredding what remained of his clothing. Also his upper limbs finally started changing: Boob expansion tumblr big stud, sitting and panting, finally understood that the transformation was done.

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His pecs and biceps were twitching and bouncing in boob expansion tumblr, his abs and thighs quivering in shock, his tanned skin sweating for the fatigue. All the attendants were staring at him, someone with fear, someone else with scepticism.

It felt really unpleasant, he thought.

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The buff accountant immediately stood up and ran toward the exit door, ignoring all the glimpses, the compliments, the smacks and the laughter, a hand covering his bulky crotch with embarrassment.

Tubmlr wanted to hide, he wanted to go home, he wanted to cry, because the only relaxing night espansion could have was being ruined by a stupid, sexy boob expansion tumblr.

Moreover, his feet were all squeezed up in the little boob expansion tumblr, and that prevented his buff body from pokemon officer jenny hentai faster.

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So, now he was trying to reach the outside edpansion, because it was the boob expansion tumblr way he could act. He was almost there, it was a matter of mere centimeters.

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Jimmy was too shocked to reply, he had no time to think about the show. The man approached him. A boring job, no time for yourself.

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