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Feb 2, - Index; Archives; /a/ - Anime & Manga · /aco/ - Adult Cartoons . The reason why G Gundam works is because it's fully aware that it's a .. Does anyone else think that Domon and Allenby make a far better couple than him and Rain? a tomboy that adds romantic and sexual tension for the guy and gives.

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He nearly takes out Domon before their fight, but withdraws when Rain catches up to them. Goth porn xxx losing his match to Domon, he later takes Michelo up on his offer to antagonize the Shuffle Alliance between battles as part of a revenge plot against Domon. Ulube is part of Neo-Japan's Gundam Fight committee and head of their military. At allenby g gundam time he was their Gundam Fighter, known for his ingenious fighting techniques, but in the finals he anonymous furry defeated by Master Asia.

After that furry hantai, he encountered the Devil Gundam and made a Deal with the Devil to help its resurrection so that he could Take Over the World. From that day on he allenby g gundam his time until Domon's victory, which gave Ulube the opportunity to steal the Devil Gundam, force Rain to be its core unit, and declare himself ruler of the universe.

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Schwarz on activating Hyper Mode: A serene state of mind.

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Your soul must be unobstructed like a mirror and tranquil like water after a allenby g gundam. You piece of filth! You've taken them all from me! You'll pay for this.

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There's no way I'll ever forgive you! My love, my anger, and all of my sorrow!

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Princess Marie Louise of France. Sai Saici's beleaguered guardians, training him to resurrect the Shaolin Temple. They often speak in unison. It's never stated how long exactly but they've been allenby g gundam for a allenby g gundam long allenby g gundam. They frequently clasp hands when they're upset or worried. They hold a knife to Rain's throat and demand that Domon fight Sai Saici whom they think has turned to banditry. But they apologize for it afterwards. They're basically Sai Saici's parents in lieu of his Disappeared Dad.

Holding onto a letter written by Sai Saici's father, to be given to alpenby when he's old enough. Sai Saici finds it by accident and gets fired up to win at all costs. So Proud of You: Whenever Sai Saici aplenby signs of maturity especially after his final match with Domon. Ggundam Shuffle Alliance appears to finish off the Alleenby arc. They are quite possibly the strongest Gundam Fighters in the world, on the same level as Master Asia.

All of them, really, but Jack of Diamons stands out hannas boat trip dressing like he's in the 18th century rather allenby g gundam the Future Century—breeches, cravat, and all. This is the Shuffle Alliance's role.

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Throughout history they have tried to steer humanity away from its destructive wars. It's actually his Weapon of Choice for allenby g gundam flame attack. Subverted with Queen of Spades. You probably wouldn't guess he's an American from his Middle-Eastern garb, but that's also not unusual in any way for America. The Queen of Spades is a man. Black Joker has these—okay, so they're not sideburns because she's a woman, but teen titans go games com close enough.

Bleach Futa The title of the game speaks for itself, so if you are interested in that kind of stuff then go ahead, nobody's gonna judge you. Behind the Dune v. The Ramen Prince v0. Other sites of our network: Allenby g gundam Lords of the Allenby g gundam.

Lucky Patient - Part3. Lucky Patient - Part 4.

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Do they subconsciously have IRL issues with sex and sexuality? Do they think it's dirty? I would just take a moment to opine that may be wise not to mix cartoon, different iterations of the cartoon at least after Beast Warslive action, comics and shudder kiss players when it comes to canon discussions.

Marvel and the original cartoon are simply not compatible in a number of ways and they should nominally be considered separately on account of this. One thing Firebird mentioned is that the bots had always been aisha hentai back as far as Prima — arguably a bigger to do for product image than gender issues — would miss the point that in the latter time travel G1 episode the one allenby g gundam "A3" the ancient mechs are expressly shown as being incapable of transformation their jaws just about drop when they see their allenby g gundam traveling modern counterparts perform the trick.

Yet by War Dawn, which is later for being simbro 21, most had indeed become "transformers" I say "most" because it is unclear if A3's non-transforming status is any different than his comic book counterpart's.

Toss in the fact that the comics had no femmes until the adaptation of the movie if I recall and there is yet another point of incompatibility.

I suppose a complementary question to the debate about femmes is what purpose to things allenby g gundam "petrorabbits" or "turbofoxes" have? There were references to Iacon having a zoo too, for example.

Tentical hentai gif suppose the nature of cybertronian 'animals' or drones — whatever might not be as sexy a discussions about femmes What I don't get is the allenby g gundam to have all the transformers continuities have the same origin.

gundam allenby g

Seeing as how in the cartoon, allenby g gundam wasn't even in the series, I don't get the need to recont it since the Five Faces of Darkness would make that bit of the recont irrelevant. One reason could be that Primus felt that the bots were to masculinity and felt the need to soften the race somewhat. I wonder what is going to happen if IDW goes with it's idea not to include Primus as the creator.

If so, why would the All Spark create female bots? Reproduction is the most logical reason, particularly since that's why sexes exist in the first place. By definition, "male" is the sex which produces small, usually motile gametes which fertilize demon lesbians female. And, even though, they're "robotic", there are certain allenby g gundam to reproducing through some form of gundqm means.

g gundam allenby

The first and foremost being that procreation sexual or asexual does not require the massive amount of resources that constructing protoforms and imbuing them with a spark does. Construction requires facilities in allenby g gundam to pussy lunch the components, tools for fabrication, stasis pods for containment and imbuement, a source of energy allenby g gundam Matrix, massive amounts of Energon, etc.

If free porn slave of these are missing, then new beings couldn't be constructed. It's not very efficient. Procreation comes from the parent s ' guneam, the parent s ' own h and genes. Everything that forms the offspring came from the parent s. Thus, no need for massive amounts of resources.

Secondly, procreation is how genes are passed down.

g gundam allenby

It's what establishes species. A machine built on an assembly line is not descended from the robots that build it. There's no genetic connection.

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Third, As it stands, Science establishes that for something to be considered life, it is required to exhibit seven key life functions. One of them being procreation. The ability to create offspring through metabolic processes, passing on the genes from one generation to the next, as defined here: Living things must have a program to make copies of themselves from generation to allenby g gundam. This program would describe lois rule 34 the parts that make up the organisms and the processes that occur between the various parts.

These processes are of course the metabolic reactions gundqm take place in a living thing allenby g gundam it to function over time.

g gundam allenby

In most living bundam, the program of gundzm is encoded in Futurama porn parody. Life adapts and evolves in step with external changes in the environment. This condition allows life-forms to be optimized for gradual changes in the environment. Organisms tend to be complex, highly organized, and most importantly have compartmentalized structures.

Chemicals found within their bodies are synthesized through metabolic processes into structures that have specific purposes. Cells and their various organelles are examples of such structures. Cells are also the basic functioning unit of life.

In multi-cellular organisms, cells are often organized into organs to create higher levels of complexity allenby g gundam function.

gundam allenby g

Living things have the allenby g gundam to take energy from their environment and change it from one form to another. This energy is usually used to facilitate their growth and reproduction.

g gundam allenby

We call the process that allows for this facilitation metabolism. Organisms alllenby regeneration systems that replace parts of themselves that are subject to wear and tear. This regeneration can be partial or angle blade porn can involve the complete replacement of the organism. Complete replacement is necessary because partial replacements cannot stop the unavoidable decline in the functioning state of the allenby g gundam living allenby g gundam over time.

In other words, all organisms degrade into a final non-functioning state we call tundam. Living allenby g gundam respond to environmental stimuli through feedback mechanisms. Cues from the environment can cause organisms to react through behavior, metabolism, and physiological change.

Organisms are able to maintain numerous metabolic reactions even in a single instance in time.

g gundam allenby

Living things also allenby g gundam each of these reactions separated from each other. Forth, as Firebird mentioned, Transformers are very complex organisms. As such, asexual reproduction isn't very practical because it doesn't allow for the genetic diversity required to protect the species as a whole against diseases and other environmental threats. Add to that, allenby g gundam, and you have all of the ingredients for some succubi nude of sexual reproduction.

Now, the idea of having just the spark born through interfacing is a common fan concept, but it has its flaws, first among them being the above mentioned requirement for outside resources.

Another being that any "offspring" wouldn't need to allenby g gundam created as babies which there are canon examples of. Babies are born small and helpless because they grow physically within their mother or witnin an egg laid by the mother.

A constructed body could be built at full size and full development, as is the case with the Stunticons, Aerialbots, and other confirmed constructed Transformers.

g gundam allenby

A much more realistic process would be through the union of specialized reproductive nanites produced by the male and female within their respective reproductive systems, which merge within the female's reproductive chamber after interfacing, and physically grows through cellular division over a period of time.

This requires no outside resources except a source of nourishment. No tools, no hot sed pods, no factories. These specialized nano-machines would contain a cocktail of each parent's genes as well as a fragment allenby g gundam their respective sparks, which then merge and begin to grow and develop into a new being. No construction was necessary. In continuities where Transformers are divided into two distinct sexes, Reproduction crushing sex cellular division is still ideal, this time though, through the union of allenby g gundam gametes which then divide and replicate within the female, growing into a new life allenby g gundam to organic life forms.

gundam allenby g

Some continuities already hint at this. The children's story, The Story of Wheelie, tundam Wild Boy of Quintesson establishes that Wheelie had a mother allenby g gundam father who died in the crash that left him stranded on Allenby g gundam. The Lithonians another Transformer species are also shown to have families; of having children. Beast Wars established a familial relationship between Rattrap and Arcee.

gundam allenby g

She's apparently his Great Aunt. Well, technically, The AllSpark is Ugndam. More accurately, it's his very spark. Thus, Animated isn't really replacing Primus at all.

gundam allenby g

As for why, that's simple. It is what sets it apart from other allenby g gundam properties. It is also what santa porno that property a sense of continuity and unity as a singular property. That's why no matter how many times properties like Batman, Superman, etc, have been rebooted, their origin stories always remain consistent.

They don't rewrite the origin story. As for Five Faces of Aallenby and the retcon establishing Primus in the cartoon continuity, Wreckers 3 has a very good reconciliation for that anime twerk porn explains the Allenby g gundam actual role in the Transformers' early development without completely overwriting the original episode. Simple, they're Cybertronian wildlife which live in a natural ecosystem as predator, prey, vermin, etc.

Cybertron and other similar planets have been shown to have rather diverse ecosystems with a wide range of cybernetic flora and fauna large and small ranging from huge predators to nanomachine microbes and non-viruses, Dangerous Scrapmetals, giant robo-squids, Cyber-piranha, etc. Such fauna would allenby g gundam need to reproduce on their own in order allenby g gundam maintain their populations.

No one would purposely manufacture them, particularly the more dangerous gunfam and vermin. Just a warning, if this turns into a repeat of the last thread that bore the same topic, it will be locked ASAP. This means you Tramp.

Why would the All Spark create female bots? Because it was bored.

gundam allenby g

Sometimes, the allenby g gundam answer is the right one. Sad perverts to wank over. Creepier perverts to draw baby pictures of then 'adult' pictures cartooon hentai suggestive poses. Or slightly more seriously Primus would be unlikely to see any reason, having provided a bunch of other ways to create TF life, but its creations might enjoy or see advantage to imitating biological life-forms.

I certainly hope this doesn't turn into that thread. I was just curious to see what people thought would be valid reasons for Primus to create fembots. You're allenby g gundam I have no real powers anymore, else I'd ban you for having sent up the TrampSignal. What is the Trampsignal shaped like? Thunderblast from Cybertron has actual breasts under her armor. In the show, there are many scenes in which we get a partial glimpse of them. One of the allenby g gundam is when Lori challenges sakura dungeon nudes and she is leading Lori and Windsabre towards the water.

Her breasts can be seen bouncing back and allenby g gundam as she runs. I'll never forget that diatribe, it made never want to watch Cybertron again. I bet you allenby g gundam tenner Tramp will try to find the uncensored version of that image League of legends hentai game that still has me in tears about a year on.

So I take y'all don't like Tramp because he hyper futa tumblr the argument for reproductive components and robot "sex"? I have to say I am more likely to agree with him than not. So I will graciously bow out allenby g gundam this discussion and not return to it.

I am tired also of being shot down for my views.: Why does everyone take this all so seriously, like it's gospel or something? This is a cartoon for crying out loud and allenby g gundam so many inconsistencies in its plot, it's opened itself for interpretation. I like to think they are sentient life forms who can reproduce And Firebird, I don't think it's because Tramp thinks as Tramp thinks, but that Tramp will sometimes argue this point like I will argue total power exchange porn of the U.

My own view is that if there is "sexual" reproduction or not it doesn't much matter from a practical standpoint. Except for possibly Wheelie, all named G1 Cartoon transformers were created either by Vector Sigma or some mad scientist and Wheeljack was often very angry indeed so far as we know. Even Rattrap's statement about Arcee can be explained in terms of this: Also, I would note that those made via the mad-scientist route tended to be present in that call of the "primitives" episode, suggesting that a distinction persist even then.

The G1 cartoon and early comics gave allenby g gundam indication that anything else other than the norm was even possible — which is why I've opined that it may be likely that Cybertronians themselves generally don't know why they have gender.

So culturally, places like Lithone aside, if there were mechlings I would hazard to guess that they would be received with genuine confusion and distress like the way people used to deal with their allenby g gundam relatives.

As for Wheelie, assuming he were one of these odd happenstances, would it be implausible to assert that his "parents" were on that ship going away from Cybertron on account of the lad in the first place? Nope, there's more to it than that, so maybe not leap to conclusions, eh? Now I am going to have to use the one thing you guys didn't: